Monday, March 10, 2014

Gender Diversity & Gender Appreciation in Experiential Learning Team Building Jigsaw Puzzle Activity, What does this mean?

We did (65 pieces) Jigsaw puzzle, (4 team per session) completion activity under 3 circumstances at a leading media group & telecom group;

  • all men only team, 
  • all women only team,
  • heterogeneous group, these are our findings
All Men only team, They immediately started working on the game (few planned for 1/2 min)
  1. Took 18,14,12, 9 minutes respectively
  2. Noise level was excessive, entire floor was getting disturbed
  3. Foul language was used at each other, threatening gestures like hand fist thumping on table was used
  4. Accusations were hurled at each other
  5. Few were too possessive or emotional about their pieces
  6. Few members played foul by hiding pieces
  7. Those who completed first, quickly disengaged & were busy on their mobiles
  8. No one came to facilitator, asked for help in first 5 minutes, after lot of hints & prompting they came
  9. The room after the activity resembled war room
  10. Chocolates (gifts) were not willingly shared
All Women only team, initially I thought I have not explained well, however they wanted to know total time (planning+activity)..learning for me
  1. Took 14,13,10,10 minutes respectively
  2. They asked questions to facilitator, planned for 1-2 minutes
  3. The target image was placed on the table by all. Seems like everyone was enjoying
  4. Immediately, few announced, the puzzle piece is extra (not fitting) & may belong to someone else
  5. Sound level was minimal, it was more like so many people playing chatting/chirping
  6. They frequently asked each other for help, delegated task & offered to help each other
  7. The team completing first was still involved & on prompting willingly/gladly helped slow team 
  8. The room was as clean as it was before activity
  9. Celebration was there, however no thumping. Foul language only for themselves, Anger was shown by gestures, body language gestures
  10. Chocolates (gifts) were shared among-st all team without prompting
  11. There were hugs at the end, thanks & congratulations to each other
Heterogeneous team, all planned & discussed for 1 min, before starting
  1. Took 11,10,9,9 minutes respectively
  2. The first question/help was asked after 2 minutes by a women
  3. Their was lot of seriousness about competing to complete the activity, few were anxious/tensed
  4. Women were silent doers, they were too absorbed/busy in completing the puzzle. One of them prompted about extra jigsaw puzzle piece
  5. Women were communicating with either end of the room via whispers & body language gestures, men were loud & expressive
  6. Men were too willing & happy to help women find missing jigzaw puzzle, even if it meant all other men finding same jigsaw piece in the entire room (ex tail of Giraffe)
  7. Who was team leader, team commander?... I don't know, food for thought
  8. Why women preferred to be silent?..... I don't know, food for thought
  9. Men were not shouting, rather assertive & sometimes forceful in asking others to recheck if they have their puzzle piece
  10. Women did silent low key celebration with thumbs up, men were more vocal... yes they reluctantly helped slow teams
  11. I was bewildered by self reflection by individuals, richness & new realizations to use the activity to sensitise about Gender Diversity & Gender Appreciation & elucidating Gender Inclusion

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