Thursday, March 20, 2014

Confession: Never sold anything to women, made them owner of ? Toys for men, values/convenience for women?

Confession: I have never sold anything to women, I have made them owner of........... Toys for men, values/convenience for women?

Background: I was a car sales professional at Chandigarh, India with best auto dealer
1996-1997- Suzuki
1998-2000- Hyundai

Suzuki: Women workforce 95% (women only at front-end), majorly men buyers, 90%
Hyundai: First company to launch tall boy concept car in India, Advertisement & sales pitch being Gender Inclusive

My Sales pitch to Men, Women & families

  1. This is the finest & safest car, unique tall boy allows easy ingress & exgress to healthy male & women wearing saree as well. Tall/Turbaned men & Saree wearing women can easily get in & come out.. kindly feel, please get inside the car.
  2. How do you feel, the seats hug you, you feel like sitting in a comfort chair.
  3. Women can enjoy the scenic beauty because, larger front windshield area. Men can better command & control of the road & car.
  4. Women can easily access glove box & see mirror on the sun visor by flipping it. Men can add CD holder as a attachment on sun visor
  5. Dear Women the bumper are designed & fastened of special material so that in case of any impact they do not come off & regain their original shape. In case of mistaken impact with human the injuries to human are minimal
  6. Dear Men, please hit the bumper, I used to hit with a loud bang & tell them , see how strong it is.
  7. Double fold the back seats, kids can play at back, picnic stuff can be easily kept, men can keep their long golf stick as well
  8. Ultimate sales closing pitch: Those Men who really care & have concern of their spouse, would not like their women to change flat tyre, if it is emergency then women alone can change because, Jack fits on side & not underneath as in competition. We can also give tubeless tyre at nominal additional expense which will enable car to travel 80 KM when puncture
  9. The service maintenance is usually once in 10-12 month, normal city drive.
  10. You can easily turn car @ low turning radius wrt competition
Let us go for a joy test ride..... I let them enjoy, keep silent & carefully observe men, women  & kids. What they do & comment. After test drive, how do you feel, what you liked. Address all their concerns, agree on preferred colour & agree to move towards close the deal.

Unspoken concern of Women: This is our lifetime saving, are we making the right decision, what if, what if.....10/12 queries (will you give support, will colour fade, will AC keep on performing in Hot Indian conditions, will it break down, will my kids like this, will aged parents like this)

Unspoken concern of men: Average, maintenance, running cost, engine technical parameters.... want to test drive again on rough terrain at a higher speed (boy I want to screw this demo car, can it take my rough handling, is it made for me, envy factor)


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