Saturday, March 22, 2014

Collaboration between Finance+Sales+Logistics+QC+Technical via outbound experiential learning: Top 4 Consumer Electronics

Background: one of Top 4 manufacturer of consumer electronics company in the world

  1. Increased field complaint rate of newly launched products. Localisation instead of saving costs is adding to expenses
  2. De-motivation of sales workforce
  3. Lack of appropriate coordination between Technical & QC is impacting all other departments, marketing is also upset about this issue
  4. Lots of unnecessary email exchange among-st all, in fact too many emails
  5. Threat of loosing market share to competition

The company decided 1 day outbound adventure activity to address this issue.
All functional/departmental heads would be part of this, besides junior & middle managers
The activities were:

  • White River Rafting
  • Cat Walk
Now the company is back on growth track, re-energised sales team, better coordination, risk taking, Planning to achieve the forecast-ed sales target.

The team has already achieved the FY target as on 20th March

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