Sunday, March 23, 2014

Capturing Unique Experience: Coaching at Washroom; of CEO on Grooming, CEO is now MD of leading company

This is unexpected: Relations, promotions are also decided in washroom & other informal meetings.

Myself & CEO are peeing at washroom. This CEO although used to wear branded clothes, however the colour combination perhaps never bothered him for shoes, socks, trousers, shirt & body odor.

CEO: What special you people do for front-line sale team?
Myself: We start with raising their self esteem, they are Dr. (Doctor) Sales Professional & first step is good grooming to get result
CEO: Hmm.... so grooming is How do create favourable first impression?
Myself: You can help me a lot to address this issue, can we have best groomed male & female award to be decided by you on forthcoming friday.

Now we are outside washroom...
Myself: We will evaluate on parameters transparently, Colour contrast of Shirt & Trouser, Shoes-Socks-Belt & Trouser. Bonus point for matching tie. The gift would be public recognition & dinner/shopping vochure.
CEO: OK done, send me the evaluating parameters sheet with cc to admin

This CEO was best well dressed man on the designated day, wearing my favourite contrasting colour  combination.... thereafter he was always well groomed.
Now he is MD of a leading Indian MNC/diversified group

PS: I was not allowed to participate..... already received twice, best groomed trainer award across India. All credit goes to my lovely & wonderful spouse, she used to keep ready previous night, what to wear next morning

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