Thursday, March 20, 2014

Capturing Live, Experiential Learning: How Team Building Activity helped in catapulting eCommerce sales of our client

Background: My Spouse Consultancy project for Multi Billion USD$ Indian company, dealing in Antique Replica, Wooden, Brass, Metal, Marble Figurines, Gift items & rare paintings
Group Turnover: Not Specified, estimated $3.7 billion USD
Inventory: USD$ 2,20,000
Clientele: International Celebrities & HNI foreign clients
Mandate to us: Get sales within 3 month, move the stalled project
A) To launch inventory on ebay & own website, so that existing clients can easily buy. 
B) Sell slow moving inventory
C) Explore auction of antique & replica of antiques
Challenge: Zero sale on own website, since past 1 year, project was stalled @ minimal traffic & conversion. Lack of trust in eCommerce, rather loss of credibility of existing eCommerce team
Our Strategy:

  1. Build up Credibility, Trust & Refer ability (CRT) for online buyers on eBay. com via positive feedback. Encourage more visitors on eBay Shop.
  2. Social media campaign by other team, we only defined demographics/target segment
  3. Highest quality photography, photos speak. International standards
  4. Description to be as per international standards, incorporate foreign language keywords
  5. Bonding amongst all team, joint working
  6. We played team building game/activities, to ensure respectability & understanding between eCommerce & retail front end team
  7. The team building & strategy games played by us were, Jigzaw Puzzle & Tanagram
Outcome of the activities were;
  1. Retail team started respecting us & they were more than eager to help us to write our description. They are wonderful folks & aware of more than 10 international languages. However we decided to focus on customers from;  native US, native UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany & Israel
  2. We were able to use keywords from all above languages & incorporate as to what customer from that country ask. We captured that experience & build description around that.... This was our first major achievement.
  3. We started listing what is being demanded as per season & not what we want to sell as surplus.
  4. We improved our packaging as well.
  5. Turnaround time from identifying product-phography-dimensions-creating description reduced drastically from 20 days to 4 days.
  6. Whenever order used to come, we were able to send within 4 hours V/S 3 days earlier
  7. We saved on new hiring: upgraded/promoted existing people from retail to eCommerce operations
  8. Now the best thing: Excitement, everyone (all employees) from peon to owner, started sharing with others on Social Media, Face Book & Twitter

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