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Angry Explosive Young Woman at Workplace: Live Capturing Coaching experience... Why I Cried? Appreciating Gender Diversity

8 Year old experience at leading city in India

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  1. I am serving with leading telecom company at a senior position
  2. Directive comes from chairman's office at Mumbai to investigate misbehavior, inappropriate conduct by a front-end woman supervisor with a customer at our flagship showroom
  3. I had inducted & certified this woman to be a part of our team year ago, only on technical competence
  4. When I reach the showroom for coaching session, this woman misbehaves with me as well.
  5. She is doing her job in most clumsy way, dirty desk, documents are haphazardly kept, waste papers not being put in dustbin, having tea at desk (employees are supposed to have tea at cafeteria)
Felt like, I have failed, what wrong did I do. I sought advise of sales head & my reporting manager, their comments were;
Sales Head: Recommend her termination & exit from the system
My Reporting Manager: What you do is your headache, take her out for a dinner or spend night out, whatever you do is upto you, I want report by today evening, why inappropriate incident happened, I have to report to Chairman's office. You are too protective & not a good coach. I will fire you for not submitting report on time. You are always late.....anyway enjoy yourself & night out, I am busy, don't call me for minor bangs down.
2 members of sales team: hinted at inappropriate relations between her & male supervisor, the reason for her staying in the system.
My Decision: Checked her family background & invited her for a morning breakfast & tea at regional office.

During Morning breakfast session with her:
I started of with highlighting her achievements, her good test score & how good she was when I inducted & certified her in12 days induction
She is too embarrassed to eat anything, however she takes cup of tea. She expresses regret of what happened yesterday. I requested that I am her well wisher & she should tell something more about herself.
She explains about her family;
  • 80% disabled father, wheel chair dependent
  • Brother just lost her job (brother is pampered idiot)
  • Mother stitches curtains & ladies suit
  • She has to work long hours, beyond the stipulated
  • She is 26 Yrs old bachelor
  • She waste lot of time in commuting 
  • She eats breakfast
My feelings & thought process:
  • Our company's systems are abused, we have failed
  • We ought to give dignity to women & space to intelligent high performing women
  • I wish I could hint her to get married
  • I wish I could help her brother get a job
  • I wish, I could take the pants-off the sales head, for asking me to recommend her termination & exit
What I did afterwards, My conversation, after I heard her for an hour
  • You are an asset, I & we respect you a lot
  • I am going to ensure, you are transferred to showroom nearest to your home in next 15 days
  • I am your well wisher, please allow me to suggest, go for a morning/evening walk & meet with other women friends after office. You can easily do this, by going to your religious place on holidays/sundays
  • Please complete your graduation, so that I can recommend you better position on company's roll
  • My brother is in MNC Bank, can I help your brother for a new job
Back-end maneuvering;
  • I explain every thing to sales head, he agrees with me & transfers her to location nearest to her home within 7 days
  • I cautioned him, that we need to ensure, this woman is not overburdened with work of other non performing idiots. If I find her working on holidays & late evening, I would be forced to report this to chairman's office
  • She is an asset, think how would you like our wife & daughter to be treated, respect her by genuine active listening.
Although it was happy ending, I cried?
  • Why corporates are too masculine? Why cant they be Gender Intelligent?
  • Why they speak bad of women who are trying to prove themselves?
  • Why they do the worst by hinting at inappropriate character of late sitting women?
  • Why women do not explicitly state what they want, how I can help them?
  • Majority Women are highly responsible, finish their work before time, why we burden them work of non performing idiots?
  • Why women are forced to be like a man in corporate?
  • Why can't men allow them space?
  • Why Gender Sensitivity & appreciating gender diversity lacking in corporate?
  • Why men at women at senior position specially in HR, treat employees only as a number?
  • Why common sense is not so prevalent, we spend a fortune in training & employees want to be heard?
  • Why exit interviews is only a statistics formality?
 Now this woman is happy & well placed with competition at higher position in hierarchy, She is married & able to manage her relations in a better way............ Old employer lost an asset

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