Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Appreciating Gender Differences. Are they hardwired? Live Capturing, Girls & Boys Behavior differences

Time:  5.00 AM-6.30 AM
Date: 11th March 2014,
Location: New Delhi Railway Station
Purpose: Kids Boarding Shatabdi (Delhi-Jaipur), My seven year old Daughter & her school Mates, first time in their life they would be staying away from parents for a 2 day picnic to Jaipur
  1. All Kids (Girls & Boys): Before boarding Shatabdi Train, are clinging to their parents
  2. Boys are not talking much to anyone (their parents, teachers, friends)
  3. Boys refuse to remove their luggage back packs, they are possessive about their luggage, they however acknowledge their friends. One boy is crying a lot & hugging is mother (refusing to board train)
  4. Girls are talking to each other, they are excited, checking with each other if all of them have packed their luggage properly (however none is holding or possessive about luggage). They are smiling & gesturing at each other. My daughter asks me to confirm, if I have handed over her  shopping allowance to her teacher
  5. Train is berthed at platform, all students along with parents, enter the train, their is rush to find their seat nos
  6. Boys, neutral, no happiness, few are anxious, they are stiff, still refuse to remove their luggage back pack after taking their allotted seats. They talk bare minimum among-st themselves, however settled with their peers. Some prefer Window seat
  7. Girls, they are happy, least bothered about sitting on their allocated seats, 3/4 are sitting together on seats meant for 2, 5/6 are sitting together on seat meant for 3. (all kids have individual seats) hugging, chatting, smiling at each other. They check and assure themselves about luggage has been kept by their parents. Seem to enjoying company of each other. Birds are chirping, winds are blowing
  8. Train moves, boys are still anxious. Back luggage pack still not removed by boys. Girls do bye-bye & give flying kisses to their parents. Few girls are jumping on their seats & playing on the floor...... train vanishes.
  9. Parents : Mothers, offer each other their mobile number & suggest they can reach each other for anything. Fathers: discuss about their contacts at Jaipur, whom to reach at Jaipur to ensure kids are safe, Share with each other name of contacts at Jaipur
  10. After 2 days, time 11 PM; Now they back, Boy sitting at back seat of my car is playing games on her mother's Android mobile, responds to specific questions only. Girl (my daughter) is describing her happiness in detail, what all she did, where they went & their shopping experiences.
  • Are gender differences unconsciously hardwired among-st the sexes?
  • What is science of Gender Psychology? How do we leverage this to grow?
  • How parents & corporate can learn & senstize to enrich their knowledge to grow & prosper more?
  • How do we make this planet a better place?

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