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New Delhi, Last & Final Call: Welcome to "Breath @ Work" a practical workshop to "change the way you breath, to change your life"..... It's Your life after-all !!

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, Greetings for the day.

New Delhi, Last & Final Call
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After persistent requests by business owners & CEOs; Murali would also be doing, confidential one-to-one individual breath analysis session on Sat, 5th April at Delhi.
Invitation only event, for 5 person, kindly mail at for reservation/invitee.

Murali Sundaram (Happyness Coach) on Face Book:
Do You Want?
  1. Higher Productivity
  2. Wellness & Mind-Body Alignment
  3. More Profitability
  4. Better Decision Making
  5. Higher Attention Level
  6. More Clarity
  7. More Calmness
  8. Decreased Stress
  9. Higher Peace of Mind
  10. Emotional Stability
(Recommended by # Jack Canfield)
 After huge success at South & persistent requests by entrepreneurs & corporates , We are delighted to Launch open house workshop at New Delhi. 
To reserve your seat please call at 85-1004-2055 (Prabhjot Singh Sood)

Book Now: Get Confirmed reservation, kindly transfer payment via NEFT/Cheque
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why the "H" women delay ? Few Men Complaint & upset About Women's behaviour after a Fire-Earthquake Drill at Leading UK MNC: Understanding Gender Differences

Caution: Please read my comments at end, before forming opinion

Scene: Somewhere in Noida, India, high rise luxurious office
Employees: Top paid, ivy B school grads
Preparation: Intensive 3 week of, Training role play, simulations by top company & finest instructor about emergency evacuation procedure during earthquake & fire
Day: Final emergency evacuation drill
I am: Friend of employee, just curiously watching the final drill

All employees evacuate within stipulated time, except 4 women. There is alert, panic & loudspeaker announcement as to where these women are. crucial 5 mins have passed.

Other Women: bewildered, concerned, pray for them, some try to reach them on mobile

Few men ask fire brigade guy & instructor to enter the building (arguing with security, tempers are running high)
Few  men put high rise ladder against the wall & start climbing on ladder
Few men Pick up stones to break the window panes
Few comment, Why don't they realise....Must be..... cannot write inappropriate comments by few men in my blog.
Almost all men say, Why the "H" these women delay, don't they love their life.

Now after 6 mins these 4 women emerge cheerfully from emergency exit. These women are touched-hugged by other women & scolding by men. Men say we were so worried. Don't you know the instructions. Why have you not followed it.
Now these women start crying, its is not my fault.
Men: Shut up & you need to follow instructions. they were clear.Stop crying
Women: Hug them tightly & pat them. Kiss them, touch them. Hold them tight

Myself: I took them to coffee shop after the drama, smiled & politely asked them, must be something important which got you delayed.
4 Women: We were searching each other, I went to her desk, I went to store, I went to washroom, I went to cafeteria, we were looking for each other. These men don't listen & we were late for a genuine reason.... I offered them coffee, heard them for half an hour & all their complaints about men.....Wine was not available

My Comments: This is natural behaviour of women; loving team work-collaboration, protective, caring nurturing about each other.....till corporate culture try to mould them to be masculine..
  • Men & women, exhibit & show empathy/concern in different way?
  • Men here were equally as much worried as other women & were ready to take action to rescue them?
  • Do you think we all need to be gender intelligent?
  • Why the "H-Hell" we force & impose women to be like men?
  • Why cant we allow women to be women? 
  • They have own strengths, why can't we appreciate that?
Now I am on my journey to be gender intelligent, My apologies to all women, for unknowingly my behaviour might have caused you stress.

Memoirs-Dealing with Women, my Learning: How I landed in trouble, not being gender intelligent & how woman MD navigated the incident ?

Caution: Kindly read learning's for men at the end

This incident dates back to Jan 1999, executive secretary to chairman, complaint about my behaviour. "Offering this lady cake after lunch, I have bad intentions to serve cake "

  1. Month Ago: Woman MD, asks to track call details of her personal land-line telephone for misuse by someone.
  2. The STD calls (nos dialed & minute spend per call) is excessive. Cost is not an issue, however conversion to quality sales is an issue. All instructions/process to check expense failed.
  3. This task was delegated this to me by male supervisor/manager,
  4. Everyone in the company knew, who is misusing the phone & woman MD wanted proof.
  5. Call details scan/massive data scrutiny, found the culprits, executive secretary to chairman & woman sales executive.
  6. I caught, woman sales executive red handed misusing the facility. earlier it was blame throwing game.
  7. Now both women decided to conspire against me, the executive secretary has no work & woman sales executive is under protection from my manager.
  8. The executive secretary, started crying & complained about my inappropriate behavior to chairman, GM, MD's Brother & my manager.... surprisingly no complaint is made to woman MD. The inappropriate behavior is "Offering this lady cake after lunch, I have bad intentions to serve cake "
  9. After internal inquiry & fact finding mission, woman MD calls me & asks me, what do you want to be done. I requested her & explained, I have only done my job of finding culprits misusing your personal phone & this is why this drama.
  10. Confidential Private conversation with Woman MD, she is now upset, she asks me, Prabhjot, do you want us to give exit to this woman (secretary). My response was no, shift this woman to some other team & allocate her some work. She has no work to do. Now I am out of her cabin & only the woman secretary & MD talk privately.
  11. After, 2 days, woman secretary is allocated new assignment. However scandals are bound to erupt unexpectedly, her friend, the woman sales executive is not going to sit idle. Manager is transferred to new office. Now I was gender smart & understood, what my manager was upto.
Learning for me
  • Rule1: Active listening to women, always help, always help, always help, always help !!
  • Rule2: Best way to request & explain your viewpoint is indirect way, use influencers (her friends), show her video or movie clips. Gift her flowers first & then a book. They are always sweet & lovely.
  • Rule3: Avoid being direct with them.
  • Most Important for Men: Woman are never wrong, never try to prove them wrong. Story telling works wonder with man-woman relations. They are exceptionally intelligent in deciphering most complicated & hidden messages in story/video/movie. They will move mountains when stories are told.
PS: Can Someone please help me understand, Why I love to tell stories to my daughter to make her go to bed & sleep on time?
Why my spouse prefers me telling our beautiful daughter stories?
Why my spouse, loves & prefers me to show her movies?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Capturing Unique Experience: Coaching at Washroom; of CEO on Grooming, CEO is now MD of leading company

This is unexpected: Relations, promotions are also decided in washroom & other informal meetings.

Myself & CEO are peeing at washroom. This CEO although used to wear branded clothes, however the colour combination perhaps never bothered him for shoes, socks, trousers, shirt & body odor.

CEO: What special you people do for front-line sale team?
Myself: We start with raising their self esteem, they are Dr. (Doctor) Sales Professional & first step is good grooming to get result
CEO: Hmm.... so grooming is How do create favourable first impression?
Myself: You can help me a lot to address this issue, can we have best groomed male & female award to be decided by you on forthcoming friday.

Now we are outside washroom...
Myself: We will evaluate on parameters transparently, Colour contrast of Shirt & Trouser, Shoes-Socks-Belt & Trouser. Bonus point for matching tie. The gift would be public recognition & dinner/shopping vochure.
CEO: OK done, send me the evaluating parameters sheet with cc to admin

This CEO was best well dressed man on the designated day, wearing my favourite contrasting colour  combination.... thereafter he was always well groomed.
Now he is MD of a leading Indian MNC/diversified group

PS: I was not allowed to participate..... already received twice, best groomed trainer award across India. All credit goes to my lovely & wonderful spouse, she used to keep ready previous night, what to wear next morning

Experiential Learning Activity with leading eCommerce team, How to do packaging of high value & fragile items?

Expected Outcome: zero transit loss @ packaging, buyers are all across the world
Items couriered: Wooden, Papermesh, Glass Ware, Delicate Marble, Delicate Wooden work, Delicate fusion gift items, brass ware, paintings with glass facia
Activity inputs/raw material: Egg, wood wool, plywood, plastic, hammer, bubble wrap, acrylic wrap, nail, cell tape, card board
Activity Target: Pack the egg: use minimum material, minimum dimensions, minimum weight & best safety
Test: the final package will be tested by youngest person, not part of any team; dropping from 7 feet, throwing 10 feet, Keeping load equivalent to 10 packages on single item & shaking it, sitting on the package & moving a little.
Winner: will be decided on priority of Egg not broken, least weight, least dimensions, least amount of packaging material used

It worked wonders, the company reduced transit loss from 4% to 0.2% over a period of 12 month
Customer satisfaction & positive feedback/delight increased by 72%
Direct saving @ reduced transit damage, nil insurance claims, reduced telephonic calls, preventing time wastage in emails/fire-fighting, resending the item.
The saving in monetary terms is still being calculated, my rough estimate would be saving to the tune of 1.2 crore per year, This saving directly translates into profit, moreover eCommerce operates on wafer thin margins

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Collaboration between Finance+Sales+Logistics+QC+Technical via outbound experiential learning: Top 4 Consumer Electronics

Background: one of Top 4 manufacturer of consumer electronics company in the world

  1. Increased field complaint rate of newly launched products. Localisation instead of saving costs is adding to expenses
  2. De-motivation of sales workforce
  3. Lack of appropriate coordination between Technical & QC is impacting all other departments, marketing is also upset about this issue
  4. Lots of unnecessary email exchange among-st all, in fact too many emails
  5. Threat of loosing market share to competition

The company decided 1 day outbound adventure activity to address this issue.
All functional/departmental heads would be part of this, besides junior & middle managers
The activities were:

  • White River Rafting
  • Cat Walk
Now the company is back on growth track, re-energised sales team, better coordination, risk taking, Planning to achieve the forecast-ed sales target.

The team has already achieved the FY target as on 20th March

Describe in one word CEO "Chief Enthusiasm Officer" & Redefine in a sentence

Describe in one word CEO "Chief Enthusiasm Officer" & Redefine in a sentence.

Why CEO of Top Conglomerate Cried in Outbound Adventure program? Gender Diversity Appreciation & Leadership development

Caution: Please read complete article before forming opinion
Background: Fortune 500, Global consumer electronics in IT, Mobile, Durable
Challenge: Consistent sales volume, increasing revenue, falling profitability
ActivityOutdoor Treasure hunt, 80 participants, 5 teams, war like simulation in jungles/mountains/river (water bodies) & DCC-Dynamic Challenge, also called dynamic obstacle
Duration: 3 days fun filled outbound activities
Top leadership & CEO: all male
Women:18% of all participants
We ensured, for every activity, 1 person goes missing in a team (to hide in tent, climb up the tree & watch with binoculars because he is CEO of the team)
Initial debrief questions
  1. At what point, individual teams realized, that a person is missing? Missing is equivalent to being eaten by lion, falling in river/ditch, bitten by snake.
  2. Why you never realized the time, or at end, that the person is missing?
  3. What role the missing person was playing?
  4. What successful (leading) teams do?
  5. What would you like to do differently, if opportunity is given to play again?
  1. Women were first to realize person is missing, however they could never ask, they were not allowed to speak, because men assumed the person might have gone to answer nature's call or some important work. Few also assumed 2 vanished love birds might be spending peaceful time
  2. New generation workforce (young men & women): the vanished person (CEO), was adding no value, better leave him alone. He only bosses around, passes instructions & irritates by always telling us what to do, he treat us like kids. 
  3. Matured teams: Vanished person was not adding much value, not allowing us to speak in this team building group activity or listening to us......
  4. We learned importance of coordination, collaboration & better understanding of how to manage despite constraints
  5. And many more observations, 4 flip charts.....................
Summary of debrief:
  1. Do you think we need to change & we should involve women in decision making as well?
  2. What behavior, men & women need to exhibit to express, contribute, allow each other space
CEO realized, acknowledged, being too masculine is not a strength, being gender inclusive & appreciating gender diversity in team is the in thing
He also cried privately in his tent & now want us do appreciating gender diversity In decision making & team building

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Young Rich Angry Woman: Capturing Moments of Separation-Preventing Suicide-Happiness-Remarriage: Couple Relations & Gender Diversity in Bedroom

Caution: This has a happy ending, kindly read complete blog before forming opinion. Important lesson for women is highlighted
4 Years ago, I received a distress call from Kavita, A Young Rich Angry Woman(name changed to protect identity). Daughter of a top professional, among-st top 3 building/construction company at NCR, India

  • I don't want to live
  • we have never met, never spoken, however can you please help me to die
  • My life is finished, I have lost my job
  • I have decided to divorce my husband, court will formally separate us in few months
  • I don't know, what to do. I have lost desire to live
  • I have lost 10 kg weight, I don't feel like meeting anyone
  • I had a miscarriage year ago, I don't know where I go
Now, I am in catch 22 situation, what do I do, I don't know this woman, never met her. Should I refer her to psychologist or ask my wife to speak wit her. I am no way qualified or trained to handle this. However I decided to engage her in dialogue

  • I requested her to describe her family
  • All about her job, what all she does at her job
  • She was doing her best to convince & build bond with me, Although I was feeling guilty, I said you are wonderful & unique creation of God, I think perhaps we know each other
  • We used to talk on telephone every saturday for 1 Hour for few months
  • I polished her resume & help her get placed as senior trainer with start up at location near her home
  • After she stablised over 2 years, I requested her to describe, what is that, she likes & does not like about her ex-husband.... 
  1. She liked, her husband for his caring attitude. He doesn't drink much.
  2. He does not listen to me when he comes home from office
  3. He cannot decide what to eat, his sister requests boiled food to be cooked. He is suffering from piles. His sister is always interfering & advising what to cook
  4. He is not a homo or in bad habits, he doesn't have any girl friends
  5. I do not suspect, he having another affair
  6. He cannot satisfy me, I am  a young woman & have basic desire
  7. I wear most expensive red lingerie & nothing happens to him, he doesn't get excited
  8. I have complained about this to his mother, he is not a man, I call him a "Chakka", slang/abusive word for man not able to ..............
  9. I have tried to sort out this & suggested, we can also adopt a child.
Now, I decided to gently scold her, how can you behave like this, your husband is your & you need to take ownership for better relations with him.
  • Do you know root cause of piles is stress & too spicy (red chilly) food.
  • Have you tried to talk to your husband as a friend
She again started to cry & apologized for not having treated her ex-husband properly.
Now after 4 yrs, she is down to earth, ego is gone, she got re-married 4 month ago & happy with her life & moving to US. Our blessings for happy marital life & safe motherhood

God Bless her with all the happiness
  • Why can't women appreciate & understand, their natural behaviour unknowingly increase stress in men? They are trying to help, however the result is contrary.
  • Why can't they let their man be in his cave, when he is too tired?
  • Why they want their man to become & act like a woman?
  • Why don't they understand, they will also become mother-in-law one day?
  • Why can't they read books & encourage their husband to read books by Dr. John Gray, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Mars & Venus in bedroom, Why Mars & Venus Collide?

Capturing Live, Experiential Learning: How Team Building Activity helped in catapulting eCommerce sales of our client

Background: My Spouse Consultancy project for Multi Billion USD$ Indian company, dealing in Antique Replica, Wooden, Brass, Metal, Marble Figurines, Gift items & rare paintings
Group Turnover: Not Specified, estimated $3.7 billion USD
Inventory: USD$ 2,20,000
Clientele: International Celebrities & HNI foreign clients
Mandate to us: Get sales within 3 month, move the stalled project
A) To launch inventory on ebay & own website, so that existing clients can easily buy. 
B) Sell slow moving inventory
C) Explore auction of antique & replica of antiques
Challenge: Zero sale on own website, since past 1 year, project was stalled @ minimal traffic & conversion. Lack of trust in eCommerce, rather loss of credibility of existing eCommerce team
Our Strategy:

  1. Build up Credibility, Trust & Refer ability (CRT) for online buyers on eBay. com via positive feedback. Encourage more visitors on eBay Shop.
  2. Social media campaign by other team, we only defined demographics/target segment
  3. Highest quality photography, photos speak. International standards
  4. Description to be as per international standards, incorporate foreign language keywords
  5. Bonding amongst all team, joint working
  6. We played team building game/activities, to ensure respectability & understanding between eCommerce & retail front end team
  7. The team building & strategy games played by us were, Jigzaw Puzzle & Tanagram
Outcome of the activities were;
  1. Retail team started respecting us & they were more than eager to help us to write our description. They are wonderful folks & aware of more than 10 international languages. However we decided to focus on customers from;  native US, native UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany & Israel
  2. We were able to use keywords from all above languages & incorporate as to what customer from that country ask. We captured that experience & build description around that.... This was our first major achievement.
  3. We started listing what is being demanded as per season & not what we want to sell as surplus.
  4. We improved our packaging as well.
  5. Turnaround time from identifying product-phography-dimensions-creating description reduced drastically from 20 days to 4 days.
  6. Whenever order used to come, we were able to send within 4 hours V/S 3 days earlier
  7. We saved on new hiring: upgraded/promoted existing people from retail to eCommerce operations
  8. Now the best thing: Excitement, everyone (all employees) from peon to owner, started sharing with others on Social Media, Face Book & Twitter

Confession: Never sold anything to women, made them owner of ? Toys for men, values/convenience for women?

Confession: I have never sold anything to women, I have made them owner of........... Toys for men, values/convenience for women?

Background: I was a car sales professional at Chandigarh, India with best auto dealer
1996-1997- Suzuki
1998-2000- Hyundai

Suzuki: Women workforce 95% (women only at front-end), majorly men buyers, 90%
Hyundai: First company to launch tall boy concept car in India, Advertisement & sales pitch being Gender Inclusive

My Sales pitch to Men, Women & families

  1. This is the finest & safest car, unique tall boy allows easy ingress & exgress to healthy male & women wearing saree as well. Tall/Turbaned men & Saree wearing women can easily get in & come out.. kindly feel, please get inside the car.
  2. How do you feel, the seats hug you, you feel like sitting in a comfort chair.
  3. Women can enjoy the scenic beauty because, larger front windshield area. Men can better command & control of the road & car.
  4. Women can easily access glove box & see mirror on the sun visor by flipping it. Men can add CD holder as a attachment on sun visor
  5. Dear Women the bumper are designed & fastened of special material so that in case of any impact they do not come off & regain their original shape. In case of mistaken impact with human the injuries to human are minimal
  6. Dear Men, please hit the bumper, I used to hit with a loud bang & tell them , see how strong it is.
  7. Double fold the back seats, kids can play at back, picnic stuff can be easily kept, men can keep their long golf stick as well
  8. Ultimate sales closing pitch: Those Men who really care & have concern of their spouse, would not like their women to change flat tyre, if it is emergency then women alone can change because, Jack fits on side & not underneath as in competition. We can also give tubeless tyre at nominal additional expense which will enable car to travel 80 KM when puncture
  9. The service maintenance is usually once in 10-12 month, normal city drive.
  10. You can easily turn car @ low turning radius wrt competition
Let us go for a joy test ride..... I let them enjoy, keep silent & carefully observe men, women  & kids. What they do & comment. After test drive, how do you feel, what you liked. Address all their concerns, agree on preferred colour & agree to move towards close the deal.

Unspoken concern of Women: This is our lifetime saving, are we making the right decision, what if, what if.....10/12 queries (will you give support, will colour fade, will AC keep on performing in Hot Indian conditions, will it break down, will my kids like this, will aged parents like this)

Unspoken concern of men: Average, maintenance, running cost, engine technical parameters.... want to test drive again on rough terrain at a higher speed (boy I want to screw this demo car, can it take my rough handling, is it made for me, envy factor)


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Positive Expectations, Law of Attraction has worked wonders for me, It is guaranteed to work with you as well? Try it

When I graduated & started my career, I dreamed & earnestly desired to be seen in high net-worth circle dealing with successful men & women, I got into automobile industry, I was part of Suzuki's team, selling high end cars, Auto-Matic Transmissions to individuals & government orders. Enjoyed to be treated with care & respect by top shots & listened to by their women. It always enhanced my self esteem.

Then summer came, I wished I could be in Himalayas all expense paid travel & stay, I got into trade channel sales for Akai, Sansui, Aiwa at Himachal... I cherished every bit of Himachal for 1 year. Then extreme winter came, I desired to be back to automobile industry.

My old boss called me to join Hyundai, Dream come true, WOW wonderful world class product. Achieved my life long desired dream, license to rough up & test drive the cars. The MD was a lady, wife of top IAS officer chief secretary to govt. I interacted with Elite, top echelons of the country were my customers, highest ranking businessmen, politicians.

The part I enjoyed the most was, official license to screw/test drive cars, take fast turns @80 km/Hr on roundabouts of Chandigarh, most beautiful city designed by French architect Le Corbusier, drive through VIP high security areas at 120 Km/Hr.. pump up my adrenaline & have fun. Police used to stop me & then watch with surprise, driving a new car. The car skidding at roundabouts used to gave me amazing thrill.

I regularly practice law of attraction, it helps me;
I always (90%)  find green lights in Delhi Traffic
I always get parking space for my car in parking lots

I smelt & felt vibrations of a car: How Pregnant/Expecting woman saved her & unborn's life in car accident.... Simple & I wondered?

  1. Wondering, what made this woman listen to me? 
  2. Why she gave her intense, undivided & complete attention to me? 
  3. Why I still remember her & vividly recall all details after 19 years, the time, her dress, her perfume, her encouragements to tell me more, her positive body language?
  4. Do women have superior sixth sense, when they are pregnant?
  5. Are women better listener when they are pregnant?
  6. Why her male family members ignored the handing over demo?
  7. Were male members bewildred/angry, for their woman giving me intense 15 min attention?
  8. LOL: Why I feel my wife doesn't listen to me the way I expect? Before marriage, she was better listener?

Background: Badly damaged, front collision & smashed windshield car came to our service center. I smelt the car & could connect (I was not aware of psychic connections & related stuff) feel the fragrance of her perfume & vibrations, that this car belongs to a 7th month pregnant woman, who is my customer & an excellent driver. 

Everyone/technicians commented that the head of person driving has badly hit the windshield, perhaps there are severe head & abdomen injuries. I felt too guilty, Have I done something wrong?. Why I sold this car to this lady? Perhaps I feel too bad, why I asked for the order?

The woman's mobile was not reachable for 2 Month, no one in her home or family was traceable for 2 Month. I prayed & prayed for her & her unborn's safety, that miracles do happen. Hope that this car is not hers'.

After 70 days, this lady came, hugged & thanked me for how good I was, I was speechless. She thanked me with sweets & for saving her & unborn's life, both are healthy. She was wearing seat belt.
She complimented me for ownership/handing over demonstration ceremony of car. I always treated this event as a celebration & was highly enthusiastic to hand over keys & take owners photo with car 

I recalled doing my routine work of demonstration of final ownership, I made her sit on driver's seat, (I pleaded & forced her for this part of demo, to allow me to do my work, I fastened the seat belt around her & suddenly pulled belt with a jerk, I explained her, that in unforeseen impact, the belt will hug you & prevent the person from flying off & hitting steering/windshield.

I also remember, her brother & husband were upset for me wasting their time. They have been driving since ages & know everything. Her brother was driving without seat belt & he had hit the windshield, he was recovering & safe. Although he was in ICU for 5 days. They were blinded by high beam & the car hit road divider.

Can we all please wear seat belts, whenever we drive

Angry Explosive Young Woman at Workplace: Live Capturing Coaching experience... Why I Cried? Appreciating Gender Diversity

8 Year old experience at leading city in India

Caution: Please read complete article before forming opinion
  1. I am serving with leading telecom company at a senior position
  2. Directive comes from chairman's office at Mumbai to investigate misbehavior, inappropriate conduct by a front-end woman supervisor with a customer at our flagship showroom
  3. I had inducted & certified this woman to be a part of our team year ago, only on technical competence
  4. When I reach the showroom for coaching session, this woman misbehaves with me as well.
  5. She is doing her job in most clumsy way, dirty desk, documents are haphazardly kept, waste papers not being put in dustbin, having tea at desk (employees are supposed to have tea at cafeteria)
Felt like, I have failed, what wrong did I do. I sought advise of sales head & my reporting manager, their comments were;
Sales Head: Recommend her termination & exit from the system
My Reporting Manager: What you do is your headache, take her out for a dinner or spend night out, whatever you do is upto you, I want report by today evening, why inappropriate incident happened, I have to report to Chairman's office. You are too protective & not a good coach. I will fire you for not submitting report on time. You are always late.....anyway enjoy yourself & night out, I am busy, don't call me for minor bangs down.
2 members of sales team: hinted at inappropriate relations between her & male supervisor, the reason for her staying in the system.
My Decision: Checked her family background & invited her for a morning breakfast & tea at regional office.

During Morning breakfast session with her:
I started of with highlighting her achievements, her good test score & how good she was when I inducted & certified her in12 days induction
She is too embarrassed to eat anything, however she takes cup of tea. She expresses regret of what happened yesterday. I requested that I am her well wisher & she should tell something more about herself.
She explains about her family;
  • 80% disabled father, wheel chair dependent
  • Brother just lost her job (brother is pampered idiot)
  • Mother stitches curtains & ladies suit
  • She has to work long hours, beyond the stipulated
  • She is 26 Yrs old bachelor
  • She waste lot of time in commuting 
  • She eats breakfast
My feelings & thought process:
  • Our company's systems are abused, we have failed
  • We ought to give dignity to women & space to intelligent high performing women
  • I wish I could hint her to get married
  • I wish I could help her brother get a job
  • I wish, I could take the pants-off the sales head, for asking me to recommend her termination & exit
What I did afterwards, My conversation, after I heard her for an hour
  • You are an asset, I & we respect you a lot
  • I am going to ensure, you are transferred to showroom nearest to your home in next 15 days
  • I am your well wisher, please allow me to suggest, go for a morning/evening walk & meet with other women friends after office. You can easily do this, by going to your religious place on holidays/sundays
  • Please complete your graduation, so that I can recommend you better position on company's roll
  • My brother is in MNC Bank, can I help your brother for a new job
Back-end maneuvering;
  • I explain every thing to sales head, he agrees with me & transfers her to location nearest to her home within 7 days
  • I cautioned him, that we need to ensure, this woman is not overburdened with work of other non performing idiots. If I find her working on holidays & late evening, I would be forced to report this to chairman's office
  • She is an asset, think how would you like our wife & daughter to be treated, respect her by genuine active listening.
Although it was happy ending, I cried?
  • Why corporates are too masculine? Why cant they be Gender Intelligent?
  • Why they speak bad of women who are trying to prove themselves?
  • Why they do the worst by hinting at inappropriate character of late sitting women?
  • Why women do not explicitly state what they want, how I can help them?
  • Majority Women are highly responsible, finish their work before time, why we burden them work of non performing idiots?
  • Why women are forced to be like a man in corporate?
  • Why can't men allow them space?
  • Why Gender Sensitivity & appreciating gender diversity lacking in corporate?
  • Why men at women at senior position specially in HR, treat employees only as a number?
  • Why common sense is not so prevalent, we spend a fortune in training & employees want to be heard?
  • Why exit interviews is only a statistics formality?
 Now this woman is happy & well placed with competition at higher position in hierarchy, She is married & able to manage her relations in a better way............ Old employer lost an asset

Top 15 reasons to attend experiential learning adventure activities by Empower Activity Camps at Chandigarh & New Delhi

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gender Strength: How intelligent/graceful Woman Colleague Managed it & Ensured Happiness

Background: Team is getting certified for world renowned program on how to manage relations; "AIA", Adventures In Attitudes

During intense discussions; a woman colleague, sitting next to me, shares with me her personal interaction with her husband
A) Intelligent/graceful Woman: My husband does nothing at night, he comes home & go to sleep....... Women are cool & continue as usual, Men-eyebrows raised, stop every thing, focus & listen to our intense talk like a peeping tom.

B) Intelligent/graceful Woman continues: My husband is lazy, he is rich, my in-laws are good, he is the only son, I know he will get everything. My husband does nothing, comes home, enjoys TV, his drink, take dinner & go to sleep. All my efforts, request & persuasions have failed to make him do something, this is happening since quite long. we have only 1 child. Still I have not lost hope

C) Read carefully: Intelligent/graceful Woman continues: One day I decided to celebrate, treat him at a special dinner & told him, How would you feel, if our daughter says & announces to the world "this new property/asset has been created by my father". Within next 15 days, ultimate change in her husband's behaviour, he has started taking life seriously , created goals & booked a flat.

Due acknowledgement & request to the lady, wherever you are, Wishing you all the happiness to your  family, let us catch up for a dinner. My family would love to join you,,,Warmly Sood's

Monday, March 17, 2014

Required Passionate Trainer/Coach: Gender Diversity, Gender Appreciation, Women Leadership, Prevention of Sexual harassment (India & International Assignments)

Serving executives across world are also welcome to apply, we can offer week-end training session & evening telephonic/skype assignments as well.
We would prefer, facilitator to be well read about works of authors; Dr. John Gray, Barbara Annis, Michael Gurian, Allan&Barbara Pease. All of them have their websites & numerous you tube videos.

NDA/Confidentiality clause applicable, trainer/coach would be required to sign the same. All business transactions are under the banner of "Eagles Learning"

Kindly send detailed resume & Design Document/Workshop content outlines as well, if you have videos, you can upload in you tube & send us the links.

  1. Client: Indian IT Giant & leading Indian PSU, Global beverages (US MNC). Few individuals as well
  2. Remuneration: 15-75K Per day (as on date max amount has been 1,50,000/- for 2 day workshop by  leading Japanese MNC). For individual telephonic/Skype session apprx Rs600-1500/-  per hour
  3. Training Days: 140 days (70*2 days per batch) as confirmed by leading Japanese & US client
  4. Location: Primarily at NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, few batches may be at neighbor & Gulf countries as well
  5. Future Growth: We, "Eagles Learning" are growing organically, primarily via referral, repeat orders & word of mouth publicity. We are expanding slowly & steadily for international assignments as well
  6. Methodology: Interactive Workshop (blend of activities, case study, videos & psychology/behavioral sciences)
  7. Payment terms: within 30 days, max 45 days after submission of bills. 
  8. Payment Currency/method: INR Rs or USD$. Directly in your currency, verified bank account.
  9. Travel & Stay: By economy Air/2/3AC as applicable, company guest house/2/3 star hotel, will be booked & arranged by client
  10. Confidentiality clause applicable: trainer would be required to sign declaration, to not to entertain any direct business with client, under any circumstances. All billing is under the banner of "Eagles Learning"
  11. Project roll out schedule: April/May 2014
  12. Kindly send details, your detailed profile, list of clients, references, workbook sample, workshop outlines, videos if any & linkedIn profile
  13. Preferred age group of trainer: 35+ Yr
Kindly send your details in confidence to

Warmly & Experientially,
Prabhjot Singh Sood 
Experiential Learning, Adventure Activity Facilitator from New Delhi & Chandigarh, India
+91 85-1004-2055

Sunday, March 16, 2014

How I made by daughter learn counting ? Engaged her the Easy Way

Time: 8.30 AM
Day: Leisure Sunday
Daughters Age: 4&1/2 Yrs
Let us compete, who loves each other more. The winner will get a surprise
I love you 1 (papa)
I love you 2 (Daughter)
I love you 3 (papa)
I love you 56 (daughter says now stop it, I cannot go further)
I love you 57 (Papa..... baby u can do it, challenge yourself)
.............. Goes upto 65 & the winner is daughter

Reward: She gets a hug, high 5, ride on papa's back & high ride on papa's shoulder

Replay: 15th March
Time: 8.30 Am
Daughter's age: 7Yrs 

Now Daughter says; Papa I love you infinity, Give me a ride on your shoulder like a camel ride & I want to watch cartoons. Please give me pillow. You write another blog...

In praise of women... O Women you are the creator of kings & queens !! Happiness Unlimited & marital bliss to all women :)

 In praise of women.

"We are born of woman, we are conceived in the womb of woman, we are engaged and married to woman. We make friendship with woman and the lineage continued because of woman. When one woman dies, we take another one, we are bound with the world through woman. Why should we talk ill of her, who gives birth to kings? The woman is born from woman; there is none without her. Only the One True Lord is without woman" (Guru Nanak, Var Asa, pg. 473)

My dedications to women:
O Women you are the creator of kings & queens !!
A Gender Intelligent women lives like a queen all of her life, because she loves to live like queen of a king!!
O Women you create king out of ordinary, because you appreciate your man !!

Happiness Unlimited & marital bliss to all women :), 
Have you appreciated yourself today?
Have you appreciated you man today?
Have you appreciated mother of your man today?
Have you appreciated your kids today?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Summary: Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by Dr. John Gray

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