Saturday, February 15, 2014

What eCommerce Startup Entrepreneurs can learn from Fish & Water? Inspirations from Fish & Water

  1. Fish is a symbol of fertility, eternity, creativity, femininity, good luck, happiness, knowledge and transformation. In Christianity, it is said the fish is a symbol of abundance and faith as observed in the Biblical story of fishes and loaves. Pagan traditions recognize the fish as a feminine symbol of fertility and an attribute of the Goddess.
  2. Water is an intrinsic portion of most spiritual beliefs. It is an ancient symbolic meaning dealing with the subconscious and depth of knowledge. Water contains all the mysteriousness of the unknown. In considering the ocean deep, we still do not know what is all down there. Even oceanic explorers who have seen wonders we have yet to see or even know about are still in awe to their constant new findings from the depths of the ocean.
  3. Water is an endless mystery; representing that which is present, but cannot be seen. Water is also taken to be a womb symbol. Therefore, is it associated to birth, fertility, and overall woman-ness, deriving from several ancient flood myths and the "from water springs life" concept.
  4. Even though there are several fish in water and each contain different symbolic meaning, there are some prime symbolic meanings the fish in general holds, such as: fertility, femininity, eternity, creativity, happiness, good luck, knowledge/wisdom, and transformation
Yes, I am hinting at Gender Appreciation & Gender Diversity from the day of inception of your venture
Happy Wealth Creation :)

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