Friday, February 7, 2014

Eight Steps, How product seller, service provider can build their profile to appeal to international audience? Better eCommerce description.

  1. First step: Decide, which country you are targeting to have as your audience, you can target multiple countries as well.
  2. Second step: While searching for similar products on search engines, write that country or language name after the title/product in search bar. This will give you idea of how other sellers are selling in your country. Search engine usually, by default give home country results as first option.
  3. Third step: Manually select/change settings in search engine, example Google/Yahoo/Bing-USA/France...etc. This will show you results in that country as first preference
  4. Fourth step: Go to eBay country specific site and view what & how the product is being sold over there
  5. Fifth step: Go to Amazon & country specific marketplaces ex Baidoo/Alibaba etc
  6. Sixth step: in case you have a team or you are having physical retail outlet, where international buyers visit. Do a team building activity & allocate group task, as to what questions are being asked by walk-ins from that country? What they ask & want? Now you have international, world class description ready....Hold on, still do not upload.
  7. Seventh step: Go to Google translator & wikipedia. See how how Google translates & also see meaning of individual words in Wikipedia. This will help you avoid unintended meaning (English translation in foreign language).
  8. Eighth Step: Relax, think, re-check, upload next day
  9. Ninth Step: Visit & revise description after a week, do remember to track analytic (track visitors)
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