Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Books: Online Selling, Photography, eCommerce Training

  1. The Perfect Store: Inside eBay By Adam Cohen, ISBN 9780316150484
  2. eBay Photos That Sell: Taking Great Product Shots for eBay and Beyond By Dan Gookin (Author), Robert Birnbach (Author), ISBN 9780782143812
  3. The eBay Millionaire: Titanium PowerSeller Secrets for Building a Big Online Business By Amy Joyner (Author), ISBN 9780471712169
  4. eBay PowerSeller Million Dollar Ideas: Innovative Ways to Make Your eBay Sales Soar By Brad Schepp (Author), Debra Schepp (Author), ISBN 9780071474801
  5. Letters to Ebay: Hilarious Auctions, Crazy Emails, and Bongos for Grandma By Art Farkas (Author), ISBN 9780446699587
  6. 5 Minute eBay Descriptions That Sell: How To Make Money Selling Items On eBay More Efficiently Using Highly-Effective eBay Copy Writing Tactics, Simple By Robert Boduch (Author), ISBN 9780981180731
  7. eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay's Most Successful Sellers By Debra Schepp (Author), Brad Schepp (Author), ISBN 9780071498166
  8. The Official eBay Bible, Third Edition: The Newly Revised and Updated Version of the Most Comprehensive eBay How-To Manual for Everyone from First-Time Users to eBay Experts By Jim Griffith (Author), ISBN 9781592403011
  9. Titanium eBay, 2nd Edition By Skip McGrath (Author), ISBN 9781592578429
  10. eBay: The Missing Manual By Nancy Conner (Author), ISBn 9780596006440

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