Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hilarious: #eBay selling experience, Girl buying product meant for Boy (clear description targeting boys)

  1. We used to sell finest quality shirts as manufactured & sourced from my brother-in-law
  2. We decided to be innovative & launch something new for boys who like to flaunt their masculine body. We launched Lycra blend shirts for boys
  3. Lycra was initially used only in women's personal wear & recently also used in women's Jeans.
  4. Lycra is stretchable & takes shape of body contour to hug body well.
We clearly described, this shirt is meant for boys & accordingly standard measurements were given for all sizes.
  1. A shirt was ordered by woman, It was my apprehension that perhaps the order is placed mistakenly.
  2. This woman buyer complained, it being tight & wanted full refund. At least I dare not ask, where is it tight from or offend her to ask her measurements.
  3. We offered her bigger size (no obligation to retain) & thanked her for liking the fabric, design & opportunity to resolve her grievance
  4. I could not ask her chest/bust size & recommended that, we can also give unconditional refund to ensure buyer's satisfaction. We also offer free reverse pick-up.
  5. The shirt was gifted by her to her boyfriend, who appreciated it a lot
  6. We refunded & never got the shirt back
eBay team was sympathetic, as a rare case covered us under buyer protection & reimbursed us our cost

Thanks #eBay & #Pierre Omidyar (founder eBay), you are indeed the finest, best & genuinely true marketplace. The principles are so relevant today.

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