Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Experiences: Shame to #‎Yepme, bringing disgrace to Online shopping in India‬

Shame to ‪#‎Yepme, bringing disgrace to online shopping in India

Seems like #Yepme Customer care is having too much workload, not to respond. Either telephonic-ally or via email. 24+24 Hours passed & no response from #Yepme Customer care (already mailed them)  I would have loved to give positive feedback, however all modes of politely trying to convince them to redress my grievance over phone for 18 mins failed, so hereby sharing this...... no response to 6 email requests, Twitter & Facebook messages either to delight me.

Ordered 2 shoes from #Yepme one for myself & other for my spouse. The shoes lack quality work & standardization of size. 

1) The size are Chor/Small sizes. The pasting white solution is clearly over applied & easily visible. The shoe for my spouse is small. ‪#‎Bata‬ & ‪#‎Liberty‬ at least maintain consistency in size.

2) The time to deliver is reasonable 4 days at New Delhi. Packaging is bare, cutting corners.

3) The shoes are cheap ‪#‎chinese‬ product worth Rs200/- as available at Nehru Place 

‪#‎Karol‬ Bagh street vendors. Their procurement cost is perhaps Rs150/- They are marketing it well.

4) Replacement policy is there to fool customers, packaging & sending all at buyer's expense.

5) No reverse pick up

6) Replacement item timelines is 30 days

7) They say they will give coupon... forcing me to buy again. Why?

8) They can easily delight me by replacing it with one size (bigger) ASAP & I would love to retract this & give positive feedback

What #Yepme does is upto them.

I am celebrating Valentines Day with my Sweet Heart Spouse ‪#‎Simardeep‬Sood in a finest way to make her dream project come true, make it go live, visit Gurudwara ‪#‎Bangla‬ Sahib & then celebrate 

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