Thursday, February 6, 2014

Contrasting (Similarities & Differences) between physical retail store : online retail store

Branding & Logo is same
Ø Retail Walk-ins: Online Visitors
Ø Visual Merchandising: Visual appeal of site layout
Ø Dialogue/converse to convince: Digital engagement
Ø Options: Pop ups to cross sell
Ø Buy more: Pop ups to upsell
Ø Physical stock: Online inventory
Ø Cash Payment: COD-cash on delivery
Ø Credit card (swipe): Credit card (multi-security password)
Ø Packaging & carry bag: Gift Wrap & package to ship
Ø Post sale follow-up (email/telephone): Survey (online/telephone)
Ø Frontend logistics: Backend logistics
Ø IT not so important: IT is backbone
Ø Response often delayed: quick response
Ø Perception building slow: Perception building fast-viral
Ø Huge start up investment: Low startup & scalable investment
Ø May not be eco-friendly: eco friendly, go green

Intellectual Property: Original Content

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