Friday, February 14, 2014

3S Approach; Packaging before you ship. How to Reduce Shrinkage/Loss selling at eCommerce marketplaces?

  1. Packaging should meet 3S criterion, Secure, Strong, Safe.
  2. It should be packed securely, 3 layer packaging; first level-plastic + Acrylic(4 mm) + wood wool & then either cartoon or ply enclosure.
  3. Sturdy: Final enclosure should be tamper proof, either plastic or plywood. It can also be designed aesthetically or branded, to give professional looks.
  4. Secure: Adhesive to seal plastic should be such, so that, when opened by buyer it should tear of the plastic, it should be single use.
  5. Sturdy: For too delicate & fragile items, use thermo-cool balls as well, colored  balls gives visually appealing looks as well.
  6. Safe: Use only reputed logistics partner, we prefer Blue Dart, DHL, Aramex, Fedex, USPS. In case we have to use government postal services, we use their premium service (express/speed/registered) & may pay extra to get it insured.
  7. Secure: Game/Activity for your staff (quick test): take a egg, wrap it in your packaging, in case it survives 10-15 feet throw, your packaging is safe enough for fragile stuff.
  8. Safe: Print the labels correctly & clearly. We paste cello tape after printing the label, so that it is non erasable (moisture proof). Tip: use only laser printer.  
  9. Safe: Pin/Zip code, AWB no, Tracking Barcode should be clear & bold enough
  10. Safe: Landmark in address, Mobile number, email id is must.
  11. Addl Tip 1: It may be a good idea to include quick maintenance kit (relevant order) with jewelry, wood, marble & metal work. My maintenance kit includes; normal cloth, cleaning & shine cloth/liquid/gel, wax polish (as per requirement), Sticking material (quick fix/fevicol/fevi-quick/araldite). 
  12. Addl Tip 2: For paintings, we use PVC pipe with caps, easily available at building material-hardware store 
Most important: Please subscribe to track your consignments & monitor the same proactively.
Have you mentioned return address (sender details prominently)?

!! Happy & Safe Selling !!

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