Monday, February 24, 2014

Survey report: How eCommerce portals & online sellers on marketplaces, can achieve profitability in 6 Month?

  1. The information as shared is relevant to Indian buyers only, International buyers survey report in next blog.
  2. Majority of the buyers want convenience; ease, trust/transparency, honest pricing & guarantee/assurance
  3. Ease is defined as; site & results opening fast in 2-4 sec to find the desired product
  4. Trust is defined as buyers feedback, resolution to complaints, response time, correct description of product, images
  5. Trust also includes reasonable shipping charges, however mostly prefer free courier. COD can be charged extra
  6. Ease of finding information about seller, address, telephone number, email id
  7. Policy/ terms & conditions about exchange, warranty/guarantee...address the key concern, what if; product does not arrive, does not function, stop working, repairable under normal wear & tear of usage 
Honey, making money it is all about mindset, we want to achieve resonable surplus in the entire exchange called  profit instead of low price & loss strategy to capture market share.
Myth Buster: All buyers want lower price. I am glad to share part-1 of survey done on online buyers, statistics will be shared in next blog article

Friday, February 21, 2014

My Comments: eCommerce & physical retail was supposed to compliment each other, how this has happened?

Recent News item "Tech brands lock horns with e-com firms over 'predatory' pricing, Lenovo issues advisory to buyers, says Flipkart, Snapdeal not authorised resellers"
  1. eCommerce & physical retail was supposed to compliment each other, how this has happened?
  2. Is predatory pricing correct?
  3. Does it grow the market or suffocate competition?
  4. Is it good for industry & overall economy?
  5. Who is the beneficiary? Does customer really benefit?
  6. Who is the looser?
My Comments
  1. eCommerce is all about fair exchange of anything, wherein all involved stakeholders are benefitted?
  2. The manufacturer (brand), Customer, Online retailer, physical retailer need to benefit
  3. Manufacturer (brand) want recognition, establish themselves & reach out to more buyers in a short time
  4. Customer (all across the country) want to know what is happening & experience owning the product
  5. Online retailer exists to fill the gaps of creating awareness, product availability & earn respectable margin; recover the investment & intellectual cost
  6. The current mode to gain market share by subsidising operations & sacrificing respectable margin (surplus) as adopted by #Flipkart, #Amazon #indiatimes #Homeshop18 & others is not a healthy trend...where is the mistake?
  7. Are manufacturers correct in dumping their stocks with distributor & squeezing their cash flow?, Where does the poor guy go?
  8. As a eCommerce Trainer & evangelist; advocate self governance, self regulation by these eCommerce portals
  9. eCommerce is all bout experience & delighting the buyer & winning. All stakeholders need to gain
Happy eCommercing !!

Part1-Is eBay 4 Pillars of Foundation Truly Democratic, Biggest & Finest in eCommerce Marketplace My Personal Experiences

Top 15 Reasons to Buy on eBay eCommerce Marketplaces & Top 30 Reasons to Sell on Ebay

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This eCommerce Training Blog is All About

1) Why eCommerce? How eCommerce can help everyone & your customer?
2) eCommerce Basics Training, get started 
3) eCommerce Strategy 
4) eCommerce Photography
5) eCommerce Content Research
6) eCommerce Business Plan
7) eCommerce Logo & Stationery
8) eCommerce Packaging & shipping logistics management
9) eCommerce Website Pages
10) eCommerce Listings Description Creation
11) eCommerce Marketplaces
12) eCommerce Website Shopping Cart
13) eCommerce Payment Gateway, accepting all modes of payment
14) eCommerce COD, Cash On Delivery
15) eCommerce Online Shop Creation
16) eCommerce Selling Formats. What is fixed price, best buy, dynamic price & auction?
17) eCommerce Auction as a regular feature
18) eCommerce high price/networth auction & buyers privacy
19) eCommerce SOP Standard Operating Procedures
20) eCommerce & ISO certification
21) eCommerce International Selling
22) eCommerce Profitability
23) eCommerce Collaboration
24) eCommerce Successes Case Study
25) eCommerce Customer Engagement
26) eCommerce Service Recovery
27) eCommerce Digital Reputation Management
28) eCommerce Digital Networking Acceptance
29) eCommerce Newsletter eMail Campaign
30) eCommerce Tools to Scale up
31) eCommerce Mobile Aps
32) eCommerce on Facebook
33) eCommerce on Twitter
34) eCommerce on Linkedin
35) eCommerce on eBay
36) eCommerce Future Trends
37) eCommerce Best Practices
38) eCommerce Entrepreneur Mentoring
39) eCommerce Fraud & Risk Management
40) eCommerce Challenges & Solutions

Saturday, February 15, 2014

What eCommerce Startup Entrepreneurs can learn from Fish & Water? Inspirations from Fish & Water

  1. Fish is a symbol of fertility, eternity, creativity, femininity, good luck, happiness, knowledge and transformation. In Christianity, it is said the fish is a symbol of abundance and faith as observed in the Biblical story of fishes and loaves. Pagan traditions recognize the fish as a feminine symbol of fertility and an attribute of the Goddess.
  2. Water is an intrinsic portion of most spiritual beliefs. It is an ancient symbolic meaning dealing with the subconscious and depth of knowledge. Water contains all the mysteriousness of the unknown. In considering the ocean deep, we still do not know what is all down there. Even oceanic explorers who have seen wonders we have yet to see or even know about are still in awe to their constant new findings from the depths of the ocean.
  3. Water is an endless mystery; representing that which is present, but cannot be seen. Water is also taken to be a womb symbol. Therefore, is it associated to birth, fertility, and overall woman-ness, deriving from several ancient flood myths and the "from water springs life" concept.
  4. Even though there are several fish in water and each contain different symbolic meaning, there are some prime symbolic meanings the fish in general holds, such as: fertility, femininity, eternity, creativity, happiness, good luck, knowledge/wisdom, and transformation
Yes, I am hinting at Gender Appreciation & Gender Diversity from the day of inception of your venture
Happy Wealth Creation :)

Memoirs: Dedicated to Women: My Best Learning from my spouse

There are lot of similarities in psychology of shopping at physical retail store & online eCommerce store. I ventured in eCommerce because I felt this is best for empowering women, to empower my spouse achieve her dreams.
My Best Learning from my spouse
  1. Importance of having brand & meaningful logo from Day 1
  2. Design strategy for operations, marketing, selling profit making & expansion
  3. Importance of networking & vendor relations
  4. Importance of high quality image, image is like unspoken sales professional. 
  5. Innovative photography, using nature's elements
  6. Engaging & emotional, Call to Action Description.
  7. Basics of HTML coding
  8. Use of customised cross selling galleries, Auctiva, Inkfro & many others
  9. How to implement & embed 3rd party applications (aps)
  10. Importance of creating About Us & My World page
  11. Clearly describing essential attributes, thinking before writing, as to what customer is looking for. Why should the person buy this? How it can solve problem?
  12. Paying attention to quality, via visual inspection
  13. Configuring, "Ask Seller A Question"
  14. Creating FAQ-frequently asked questions. Using images to answer in advance
  15. Automate basic tasks, example, email & SMS for order, payment received, item dispatch docket no
  16. Importance of building excitement by using best offer bargain & Auction option
  17. Giving multiple shipping options for international orders; standard, Economy, Expedited
  18. Proactively work to resolve & remove negative feedback rating
  19. How to feature in home promotions at marketplaces
Happy Selling :) 

What eCommerce Startup Entrepreneurs can learn from Lord Ganesha? Inspirations Ganesha Symbolism

  1. Elephant head, wide mouth, and large ears: the large head of an elephant symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life. The wide mouth represents the natural human desire to enjoy life in the world. The large ears signify that a perfect person is the one who possesses a great capacity to listen to others and assimilate ideas.
  2. The trunk and two tusks with the left tusk broken: there is no known human instrument that has an operating range as wide as that of an elephant's trunk. It can uproot a tree and yet lift a needle off the ground. Likewise, the human mind must be strong enough to face the ups and downs of the external world and yet delicate enough to explore the subtle realms of the inner world. The two tusks denote the two aspects of the human personality, wisdom and emotion. The right tusk represents wisdom and the left tusk represents emotion. The broken left tusk conveys the idea that one must conquer emotions with wisdom to attain perfection.
  3. Elephant eyes: the elephant eyes are said to possess natural deceptiveness that allows them to perceive objects to be bigger than what they really are. Thus the elephant eyes symbolize the idea that even if an individual gets "bigger and bigger" in wealth and wisdom, he should perceive others to be bigger than himself; that is, surrender one's pride and attain humility.
  4. The four arms and various objects in the four hands: the four arms indicate that the Lord is omnipresent and omnipotent. The left side of the body symbolizes emotion-feminism and the right side symbolizes reason-masculinity. Appreciating Gender Diversity. An axe in the upper left hand and a lotus in the upper right hand signify that in order to attain spiritual perfection, one should cut worldly attachments and conquer emotions. 
  5. A human body with a big belly: the human body possesses a human heart, which is a symbol of kindness and compassion toward all. Yellow symbolizes purity, peace and truthfulness. Red symbolizes the activity in the world. The big belly signifies that a perfect individual must have a large capacity to face all pleasant and unpleasant experiences of the world.
  6. A mouse sitting near the feet of Ganesha and gazing at the tray of Laddus: a mouse symbolizes the ego that can nibble all that is good and noble in a person. A mouse sitting near the feet of Ganesha indicates that a perfect person is one who has conquered his (or her) ego. A mouse gazing at the Laddus, but not consuming them, denotes that a purified or controlled ego can live in the world without being affected by the worldly temptations. The mouse is also the vehicle of Ganesha, signifying that one must control ego in order for wisdom to shine forth. 
  7. Right foot dangling over the left foot: as stated above, the left side of the body symbolizes emotion and the right side symbolizes reason and knowledge. The right foot dangling over the left foot illustrates that in order to live a successful life one should utilize knowledge and reason to overcome emotions.

Why I Like #FlipKart Online Shopping. Genuine experience as a avid online buyer

I like Flipkart because,
  1. Best search engine to recommend what you want, better than Amazon, Google, eBay...... Full 5 point rating
  2. Always able to get my favourite book, mobile, laptop, accessories, fragrances, essential oil, massage oil & other household items
  3. Book & mobile recommendations, search engine algorithm is intelligent, always give better options than what I want... Kudos to #Flipkart tech guys. I end up buying more books :). Combo deals on books is amazing & they give genuinely good deals.
  4. Decent price for mobile phones
  5. Superfast delivery in metros, 2-3 days
  6. Books are quality checked before dispatching. Other products are usually pre-packed by manufacturer
  7. Site opens & pops up with results quickly, mind blowing, within 2 second & 90% accurate.
  8. Check out is quick & easy, with 2-4 second.
  9. When I purchased mobile, they mailed me pdf of service centres as well.... Good :)
  10. Correct result, even if there is typing error. ex pwr blank, power bankl... intended "Power Bank"
Areas of improvement
  1. For non metro, they take too much time to deliver, mobiles for Agra/Varanasi friends delivered on 4th/5th day..benefit of doubt, logistics partner might have delayed.
  2. Books packaging is bare, transit damage to 2 books was avoidable.... give benefit of doubt, a rare case !! Need to strengthen QC packaging department
  3. Never ever got email or telephonic response by customer care, reason for delay of mobile delivery at Varanasi... not a major issue, because I could track online.
  4. Imported books are overpriced. Ended up buying imported books at #Amazon, #Infibeam, #HomeShop18
  5. Comparison of mobile features need to be intelligent, Apples with Apples & Oranges with Oranges.... Benefit of doubt because manufacturers usually share limited data
  6. Mobile & IT shopping overall experience be as good as shopping books (speed of correct search & best product match recommendation can improve)
Wish list
  1. Option of paying nominal extra for next day delivery at Metro & timed delivery
  2. "Intimate when available"  appears as "Notify Me" for out of stock products option is not prominently highlighted, although it is auto populated with my email Id when I click on item view.... It should be easy clickable for single/multiple items in initial (first page) product search result itself.
  3. Authentic pricing of imported books, these days I shop foreign author books a lot.
  4. Customer care response, by a human being (I hate automated stuff) is as fast as their search results
  5. Intuitive IT, accessories shopping (search results recommendation)
  6. What is not there in a IT product should be mentioned, example TAB without SIM, Laptop without Bag
  7. Toys & learning games at better/genuine price (for 2-10 yrs age group)
  8. Search on the basis of what is; Inside book, Book reviews, Book content & Book summary as done by third parties. ex Buying specialised books on gender diversity, gender intelligence, appreciative enquiry need to improve
  • This is authentic & non-paid recommendation of my buying experience on Flipkart since past 4 years. 
  • One of the Director of Flipkart is my professional acquaintance. I am networked with many Flipkart team members on LinkedIn.
  • We had backend collaboration with Flipkart to source imported books.
  • We have exited books category.
My favourite portal for book search is Flipkart, 
Best Wishes to Team #FlipKart :)

My Top 10 Favorite Books: Online Selling, Photography, eCommerce Training

  1. The Perfect Store: Inside eBay By Adam Cohen, ISBN 9780316150484
  2. eBay Photos That Sell: Taking Great Product Shots for eBay and Beyond By Dan Gookin (Author), Robert Birnbach (Author), ISBN 9780782143812
  3. The eBay Millionaire: Titanium PowerSeller Secrets for Building a Big Online Business By Amy Joyner (Author), ISBN 9780471712169
  4. eBay PowerSeller Million Dollar Ideas: Innovative Ways to Make Your eBay Sales Soar By Brad Schepp (Author), Debra Schepp (Author), ISBN 9780071474801
  5. Letters to Ebay: Hilarious Auctions, Crazy Emails, and Bongos for Grandma By Art Farkas (Author), ISBN 9780446699587
  6. 5 Minute eBay Descriptions That Sell: How To Make Money Selling Items On eBay More Efficiently Using Highly-Effective eBay Copy Writing Tactics, Simple By Robert Boduch (Author), ISBN 9780981180731
  7. eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay's Most Successful Sellers By Debra Schepp (Author), Brad Schepp (Author), ISBN 9780071498166
  8. The Official eBay Bible, Third Edition: The Newly Revised and Updated Version of the Most Comprehensive eBay How-To Manual for Everyone from First-Time Users to eBay Experts By Jim Griffith (Author), ISBN 9781592403011
  9. Titanium eBay, 2nd Edition By Skip McGrath (Author), ISBN 9781592578429
  10. eBay: The Missing Manual By Nancy Conner (Author), ISBn 9780596006440

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