Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to Write an effective About Us page for online store?

  1. Write vision, why your enterprise exist, how will it help others. Help means solutions to problem & adding value to daily life
  2. Then comes brief history, year of incorporation & how it started. Building a story is good
  3. Then generalized 4-5 line description of all items in shop & unique attributes of your company. Comparison is avoided, this page is only about us
  4. Images of shop front (actual retail store) & images of all sections/categories or perhaps images of unique products
  5. Last image is usually of logo, meaning of logo, photo(s) of founder & top management
  6. In case there is celebrity endorsements or their visit, we can use these images as a collage.
  7. It is advisable to take permission before using image of person
  8. GIF animation & Videos can also be used, they should be small
  9. How to reach us/contact us is usually separate page, however it can also be merged with this as a separate header. It should contain mobile, email, skype as well
  10. Feedback & testimonial links can also be given over here. Link to terms & conditions can also be embedded at bottom

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