Monday, January 27, 2014

eCommerce Commandments for Positive Feedback

Thou shall always; do follow up of orders & update/respond buyers within 2 hours
  1. Respond to all emails, communications in 2 hours
  2. Dispatch all orders received before 4PM, on same business/working day
  3. Ensure, all Mondays have 100% staff attendance
  4. Invest on relations, human touch with vendors, suppliers & staff
  5. Always package items in non smoking environment
  6. Think of ways, items can be damaged in transit & package accordingly in multilayer
  7. Think, how buyer will feel, when he opens the courier
  8. Always give positive surprise, gifts with all orders, ex, book mark, stickers, stationery, anything so that buyer remembers your shop
  9. Always be authentic for whatsoever reason for delay, buyers love to be kept informed & deal with helpful seller
  10. Ask for positive feedback
  11. Think of situations in which customers can give negative feedback, act to prevent these from happening
  12. Invest in training of yourself first & employees. Employees are first customer
  13. Love yourself & others will love you & your products
  14. Always have positive attitude, How can I help buyer, add value & solve the problem 

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