Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Important Tips. How to write Description? Components in ecommerce listings

  1. The title is most important & usually does not exceed 150 characters, 130 is considered optimum. Mention all important attributes clearly viz; MRP, Offer Price, colour, Material(s), source/country of origin, no child labour & EU compliant norms for US/UK. You can upload the same product in many ways by iterchanging the options amongst themselves; Title+Brand+Unique characteristic
  2. Preferably single colour or at the most 2 colour should be used for entire listing, using multiple colour should be avoided
  3. Title can be highlighted Bold & underlined, text should be simple usually Arial or any other font which is easily readable on mobile as well. Please note few fonts are not easy to read on mobile
  4. Use multiple images, shot from various angles, images are description in themselves & silent sales person as well
  5. We can also modify images to illustrate a point
  6. Use Scrolling Gallery
  7. Show images/graphic representation of how product is packed, multilayered packaging to ensure safety
  8. Clearly mention address requirements, landmark/mobile/telephone requirement, exclusions & reasons there-off
  9. Use graphical representation of all accepted modes of payment. Encourage & give reasons to give positive feedback
Happy Selling !!

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