Sunday, January 26, 2014

10 Challenges, Dilemas faced by eCommerce Entrepreneurs before they start; Simple Solutions/Tips

  1. Concept clarity for themselves? Write down on a piece of paper all your thoughts.
  2. Why you want to be eCommerce Entrepreneur? Create your profile, about us page.
  3. How will I sustain & earn profits? Do reverse costing [(Selling Price-Payment gateway-Selling fees-Packaging-Courier-Sourcing) > Costing] to start with
  4. Identify products? Research Google & eCommerce Sites
  5. Photography, How do I do professional photography? Use mobile camera & innovative ideas/backgrounds
  6. How do I describe product? Close your eyes, imagine from owners view point & write
  7. How do I do technical stuff, configuration, HTML basics, integration? Learn yourself, hire us for training
  8. How do I get sale? Practice "Law of Attraction"
  9. How do I fulfill the order, packaging & dispatch? use plastic+acrylic+wood wool+cardboard for packaging
  10. How do I get more sales & scale up?.... Please keep on reading this blog to learn more

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