Saturday, February 15, 2014

Memoirs: Dedicated to Women: My Best Learning from my spouse

There are lot of similarities in psychology of shopping at physical retail store & online eCommerce store. I ventured in eCommerce because I felt this is best for empowering women, to empower my spouse achieve her dreams.
My Best Learning from my spouse
  1. Importance of having brand & meaningful logo from Day 1
  2. Design strategy for operations, marketing, selling profit making & expansion
  3. Importance of networking & vendor relations
  4. Importance of high quality image, image is like unspoken sales professional. 
  5. Innovative photography, using nature's elements
  6. Engaging & emotional, Call to Action Description.
  7. Basics of HTML coding
  8. Use of customised cross selling galleries, Auctiva, Inkfro & many others
  9. How to implement & embed 3rd party applications (aps)
  10. Importance of creating About Us & My World page
  11. Clearly describing essential attributes, thinking before writing, as to what customer is looking for. Why should the person buy this? How it can solve problem?
  12. Paying attention to quality, via visual inspection
  13. Configuring, "Ask Seller A Question"
  14. Creating FAQ-frequently asked questions. Using images to answer in advance
  15. Automate basic tasks, example, email & SMS for order, payment received, item dispatch docket no
  16. Importance of building excitement by using best offer bargain & Auction option
  17. Giving multiple shipping options for international orders; standard, Economy, Expedited
  18. Proactively work to resolve & remove negative feedback rating
  19. How to feature in home promotions at marketplaces
Happy Selling :) 

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