Sunday, January 26, 2014

LIST-Method; on How to Remove Negative Feedback on eCommerce Marketplaces & How to get Better Rating by Buyers

  1. If you ever receive negative feedback or low rating, remember customer is always right
  2. Take a deep breath, hold on (inflated lungs & stomach have air like a balloon), imagine you are doctor & customer is giving you opportunity to solve the problem & you are problem solver/solution provider, then release your breath (deflated lungs & stomach) after loooooong pause.
  3. Customer trusts you, understand & knows that you can solve the problem & hence negative feedback
  4. Always be humble, keep all communication channels open  & seek ways to delight customer
  5. How & what went wrong is something to be deliberated internally later on
  6. Never ever be rude or threaten the customer
  7. Always remember customer is a human being & all humans often react emotionally, perhaps negative feedback is influenced by some one else
  8. Always give multiple options to resolve a issue, perhaps more than what customer expects
  9. Always remember, buyers like to return for repeat purchase & trust seller who can solve the issues
  10. Proactively think, check & audit, process adherence to your systems
  11. Empower your staff 
  12. Most important, please do not operate on wafer thin margins, account for 2% losses for unforeseen reason & spread your risk.
Simple Process: 
L-Listen & Understand Issues.....just Listen, Listen, Listen, God has given us 2 ears, use them :)
I-Isolate what is that pinching the customer, do not assume
S-Solve by giving options, Speed to implement whatever agreed to resolve
T-Take feedback/followup

Exhibit both, masculine & feminine behavior, women brain thinks like many Christmas lights & men think like single high watt is the same either 10*6W OR 60W

We empowered our staff, all were authorized to;
  1. Exchange
  2. Gift Freebie
  3. Refund for non receipt within 4 working days of courier dispatch/no tracking information available
  4. Exception for postal orders delivery; within 6 days national delivery & 15 days international delivery
  5. Educate international customer about shipping options; standard, economy & expedited. We always charged reasonably for expedited international shipping
  6. More on how we used these techniques practically at our workplace, in next blog... you can also subscribe or mail me at

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