Wednesday, October 16, 2013

26 Ways How Women Can Score Big WIith Men

There are five major reasons a man stops giving:
1. Martians idealize fairness
A man focuses all his energies into a project at work and thinks he has just scored fifty points. Then he comes home and sits back, waiting for his wife to score her fifty points. He doesn’t know that in her experience he has only scored one point. He stops giving because he thinks he has already given more

2. Venusians idealize Unconditional Love
A woman gives as much as she can and only notices that she has received less when she is empty and spent. Women don’t start out keeping score like men do; women give freely and assume men will do the same.

Men are not the same, a man gives freely until the score, as he perceives it, gets uneven, and then sits back to receive what he has given
When a woman is happily giving to a man, he instinctively assumes she is keeping score and he must have more points

3. Martians Give when they are asked
Martians pride themselves in being self-sufficient. They don’t ask for help unless they really need it. On Mars, it is rude to offer help unless you are first asked. Venusians don’t wait to offer their support. When they love someone, they give in anyway they can. They do not wait to be asked, and the more they love someone the more they give

4. Venusians say yes even when the score is uneven

Men don’t realize that when they ask for support, a woman will say yes, even if the score is uneven. If they can support their man, they will. The concept of keeping score is not on her mind. Men have to be careful not to ask for too much. If she feels she is giving more than she is getting, after a while she will resent that you don’t offer to support her more

5. Martians give penalty pointsWomen don’t realize that men give penalty points when they feel unloved and unsupported. When a woman reacts to a man in an untrusting, rejecting, disapproving, or unappreciative way, he gives minus or penalty points


1. He makes a mistake and she doesn’t say “I told you so and so” or offer advice (10-20 points)
2. He disappoints her and she doesn’t punish him (10-20 points)
3. He gets lost while driving and she doesn’t make a big deal out of it (10-20 points)
4. He gets lost and she sees the good in the situation and says “we would never have seen this beautiful sunset if we had taken the most direct route” (20-30 points)
5. He forgets to pick up something and she says “it’s okay. Would you do it next time you’re out?”(10-20 points)
6. He forgets to pick up something again and she says with trusting patience and persistence “it’s OK. Would you still get it?” (20-30 points)
7. When she has hurt him and she understands his hurt, she apologizes and gives him the love he needs (10-40 points)
8. She asks for support and he says no and she is not hurt by his rejection but trusts that he would if he could. She does not reject him or disapprove of him (10-20 points)
9. Another time she asks for his support and he again says no. She doesn’t make him feel wrong but accepts his limitations at this time (20-30 points)
10. She asks for his support without being demanding when he assumes the score is somewhat even (1-5- points)
11. She asks for his support without being demanding when she is upset or he knows she has been giving more (10-30 points)
12. When he withdraws she doesn’t make him feel guilty (10-20 points)
13. When he comes back from his cave she welcomes him not reject him (10-20 points)
14. When he apologizes for a mistake and she receives it with a loving acceptance and forgiveness. The bigger the mistake he makes the more points he gives (10-50 points)
15. When he asks her to do something and she says no without giving a list of reasons why she can’t do it (1-10 points)
16. When he asks her to do something and she says yes and stays in a good mood (1-10 points)
17. When he wants to make up after a fight and starts doing little things for her and she starts appreciating him again (10-30 points)
18. She is happy to see him when he gets home (10-20 points)
19. She feels disapproving and instead of expressing it she goes in another room and privately centers herself and then comes back with a more centered and loving heart (10-20 points)
20. On special occasions she overlooks his mistakes that might normally upset her (20-40 points)
21. She really enjoys having sex with him (10-40 points)
22. He forgets where he put his keys and she doesn’t look at him as though he was irresponsible (10-20 points)
23. She is tactful or graceful in expressing her dislike or disappointment about a restaurant or a movie when on a date (10-20 points)
24. She doesn’t give advice when he is driving or parking the car and then appreciate him for getting them there (10-20 points)
25. She asks for his support rather than dwelling on what he has done wrong (10-20 points)
26. She shares her negative feelings in a centered way without blaming, rejecting, or being disapproving of him (10-40 points)

If a man has made a mistake and feels embarrassed, sorry, or ashamed, then he needs her love more … the bigger the mistake, the more points he gives

When a man is in a negative state,… treat him like a passing tornado and lie low

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