Thursday, February 13, 2014

Important Conversation, How to bring item on top ranking of search at, Google, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo?

This Blog captures conversation between my friend Krishna Singh,a leading eBay store front designer expert & myself on, this is about how we can help online sellers, so that their listing is in top5/top10 of first page

  • Photo is good, description is good, design is also good but item not comes on top during search?
  • When item is ending, then only its comes on top in search term for a brief period, how do we ensure it is always on top?
  • Normally, few buyer see a seller's item and less sale happen. Can we have a solution, so that more visitors can see the item. 
My Response
On basis of my experience of over a decade selling on internet, following is helpful;
  1. Clear image, I prefer 700*700 Pixel
  2. No watermark on image
  3. At least 4 images, all depicting product in different (view/usage)
  4. Images should preferably be on white background
  5. I prefer to first load image in photobucket & copy HTML tag in description
  6. High DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings)
  7. 100% positive feedback/Review (be proactive to address customer issue & remove -ve feedback)
  8. Account, shop id in good standing
  9. Aim for high level of power-seller status & more +ve feedback
  10. Title should be SEO optimised, contain keywords
  11. Description/Title should include foreign language words (Italian/French/Japanese)
  12. Description should be like a story, crucial conversation with customer..... I admit, my spouse (#Simardeep Sood) writes better description than me & teaches me how to write effective, compelling engaging descriptions.
  13. Shop categories should be aligned, exactly the same as country of your listing
  14. * Do not waste time in re-inventing the wheel & rethinking about categories* 
  15. Regular submission to search engines (all across the world)
  16. LT tag in image
  17. Review by others, product review, engage interaction with customer
  18. Avoid & double check for spelling mistakes
  19. My friend/seller also use synonym in description (as per google search)
  20. Research !! Research !! Research !! on ebay, Amazon Google, Terapeak & then build title & description & price 
  21. Populate all(maximum) fields in Ebay while uploading
  22. Automate your store
  23. FAQ generation
  24. Similar gmail ids
  25. Social media presence, I cannot comment its effectiveness. I have started doing this 10 month back. Earlier all my products were on first page & top 5 listing on Google & Ebay
  26. Participate in home page promos, ex DOW, Steal a deal, 1 minute sale.......etc
  27. Promote via affiliate marketing
Secret: Always write content yourself, cut copy paste does not help. Uncle Google knows this !!

!! Happy Selling !!

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