Sunday, June 23, 2013

eBay Growth Strategy, Empowerment & Encouragement part 1 of 6: My View Point

eBay growth strategy, empowerment & encouragement part 1 of 6. This is strategic overview of my recommendations, in subsequent ppt presentations, I will be explaining operational aspects (perhaps micro aspects) of strategy implementation via L&D interventions.... thanks keep on watching, Good Day !!

Monday, June 3, 2013

How I learned from my mistake, Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs make ?

Original comment by Brig Bhasin & my response
Brig Sushil Bhasin,

One MNC squeezed me for price & payment terms. I agreed to only the price, they paid me after 30 days. Next order was accepted & later on politely declined to be serviced when they asked for credit. The HR & training guys showered choicest love & affection #@& to me & advised me with all the corporate guru gyan, they squeeze entrepreneur(s), they are paid to do that.

I was always polite & persisted, when I felt like giving them my peace of mind, I said to myself "hold on". On the day of order servicing I had 100% advance & now they want to upgrade, we are good friends. They want to do more business. 

Thanks you Sir, Brig Sushil Bhasin !! :), Good Day

Life is Great !!
Thanks & Warm Regards,
Prabhjot Singh Sood

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

What is Linked In ? 10 Tips to design Linked In Profile (Part-1, Basics)

  1. Linked In is most important tool in professional personal digital branding
  2. Readers may like to view my linked In profile at
  3. Most important part of Linked in Profile is Name/Surname & Title. Name should always be used completely in first box along-with designation in second box or first part of name in first box & surname in second box. In case someone has alternate/alias name, that can also be used in second box
  4. In title, we usually do not use designation, we only use key skills. We have to list key skills in order of priority. Repetition of any word is avoided
  5. Photograph: groom as per your profession & take  photo, wear contrasting clothes, preferably bow/tie for men/scarf for women & solid colour suitable background. Distractions & frivolous things in background are avoided
  6. Please select best option amongst city & profession. For city usually 2 options appear, tick on the radio button of desired box. For work/profession, please select best & closest match from drop down menu
  7. Next comes summary page; write a tag line to describe yourself, brief intro & description of what you do, how you help others & contribute by holding your role. Thereafter mention your key skills, professional qualifications & certifications
  8. After this, start populating your work experience. Here you can mention your designation in second tab. Please note while typing your company name, Linked In suggest auto recommendation of companies pre-existing in its database. Benefit of selecting from this is that logo of company appears automatically along-with work experience 
  9. In box below, explain in brief key responsibilities & achievements, usually 3-5 bullet points
  10. Thereafter populate key skills you have.
Rest & other important tips to complete Linked In profile in tomorrow's BLOG, please keep a watch

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