Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to write newsletter, email for online campaign to attract Ecommerce, Online Ebay buyers ?

  • Decide what do you want to promote, tell reader about ?
  • Pick top 2 & up-to 5 best products with 5 best images
  • Decide your targeted user profile & segment
  • Think of a attractive tag line/subject line
  • Don't sell, create joy & excitement of ownership of the product
  • Offer quick link to view details & buy/own the product
  • Give reasons to go for the offer ASAP, ex limited, first 100/500, for select few & so on
  • Avoid videos & animations
  • Design small/short mailer, so that it is easily available in display window, people may not like to use cursor
  • Learn basics of HTML, it is fun & easy, believe it, try it
All The best & happy sales conversions !!

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