Saturday, May 18, 2013

Are you ready for Online Ecommerce Business ? 20 Must Milestones to Achieve.

  1. Am I Computer Savvy?
  2. Do I have high speed internet/broadband connection?
  3. Am I found of browsing & researching the web?
  4. Have I ever done online shopping?
  5. Do I have working, reasonable well English communication knowledge?
  6. Do I enjoy to spend at least 2-4 hours a day on computer?
  7. Do I enjoy photography of my product?
  8. Can I think of innovative ideas to represent my product?
  9. Can I describe/write emotions? How users will benefit when they use my product?
  10. Can I pack my product well, so that it withstand courier bumps?
  11. Do I enjoy talking to people on the chat/phone?
  12. Am I a good listener, Can I listen patiently & respond accordingly?
  13. Can I take criticism in a supporting way?
  14. Do I have basic knowledge how to use, Word, Excel & HTML?
  15. Can I coordinate with my vendor/supplier?
  16. Do I enjoy to read & subscribe various books, newsletters related to my business?
  17. Do I love finance figures, am I profit oriented? Profit is a surplus & a common sense.
  18. Am I willing to experiment with new ideas?
  19. For advanced sellers, would I like to attend training, coaching & mentoring to further my prospects?
  20. Last but not the least & Most IMPORTANT....AM I ETHICAL IN MY DEALINGS? 
Happy Selling !!

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