Monday, May 27, 2013

20 ways, How to improve sales and increase profitability on ecommerce, online marketplaces ?

  1. Decide & define "About Us" page(s), get it reviewed by you peers 
  2. Design logo, which is unique & reflects your business concept, get it reviewed by your customer
  3. Research the title of your product, it should be Keyword optimised
  4. Product description should be, well thought of , research Ebay, Amazon & Terapeak
  5. Incorporate foreign language words in title/description (French/Italian/Japanese/German) in case you are targeting international customer.
  6. Understand nuances & difference between, US/UK/Canadian/Australian english & also interpretation & understanding by local/country specific online buyers
  7. Incorporate confidence building measures by clearly stating all terms & conditions
  8. Be explicit about payment methods/terms
  9. Clearly state logistic (courier/shipping) partners & no of days to dispatch & deliver the item
  10. It is advisable to have return policy, clearly mention the conditions under which returns are accepted
  11. Design & implement FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions", take feedback from from buyers
  12. Be prompt to reply to all emails, have internal timelines, when the emails are responded
  13. Automate your shop, about routine task
  14. Automate shop regarding routine Email & SMS (order, payment, dispatch, delivery confirmation, feedback request)
  15. Seek positive feedback
  16. Use product galleries, to cross sell & Up sell
  17. Use smart pricing & auction to list your products
  18. Use smart timing, as to when your products will end
  19. Packaging, multi-layered cocoon packaging shows that seller cares to ensure safe transit & passionate about what he/she is doing
  20. Enclose thank you letter & colored leaflet of other products along with order

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