Tuesday, May 21, 2013

13 Tips to make best use of Scrolling Gallery in eCommerce product listing, better online selling

  1. Please search Google with the keyword "Scrolling Gallery" & "Design Your Scrolling Gallery"
  2. Scrolling gallery allows you to display multiple products in a small space along with title, price & date/time of end (product listing)
  3. It arouses viewer interest, so that more time is spend on your website, online ecommerce shop. more the time, higher the probability of conversion......and profits
  4. My recommendation is to use 3 different scrolling gallery, different HTML codes & different service providers
  5. First scrolling gallery with best images should be at top, the design can be either single row or 3-D (ellipse)
  6. Second gallery, single row should be in middle or just before payment information
  7. Third one should be at bottom, it can be either 3-D, or square/rectangle with multiple row & column
  8. Please ensure that products are available (sufficient in stock) & not ending soon, when they appear in gallery
  9. IMPORTANT: Gallery products/items can be configured manually/custom, automatic, category
  10. Please ensure color contrast in all aspects, gallery border, product border, view, text & background. 
  11. The product should move in slow transitions so that viewer eyes are not strained
  12. While configuring the 3 galleries, selection criterion of products should be different, first one is like display window, second one to encourage buying, third one to impress that we also do this
  13. Caution: product up-dation in gallery may take time, 6-8 hours, do not worry, relax.

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