Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10 Techniques / Strategies to sell more to Online Ecommerce Shoppers

  1. Learn basics of MS Excel commands & expertise in sort & filter.
  2. Learn basics of HTML, it is fairly easy. it is also offered free (Google search)
  3. Maintain database of all email ids & segregate them as per, ......you decide the priority & rules
  4. Design 4-6 email templates, keep on refining for best results.
  5. Cross sell & up sell, also called similar products; use words similar to, you may be interested to buy; recommended for you 
  6. Use 3 scrolling gallery in your listings, at beginning/header, middle & bottom. All designs should be different. Please search on Google with keyword "Scrolling Gallery"
  7. Use main/first image, as photographed on white background & other background images as additional views.
  8. Images are silent sales person, they speak for product, example, Shoe/Slipper on water, on carpet, on colored pebbles, being folded & cross on nose; the meaning is self explanatory. You can also use combination dress (jeans/legging/pajama/salwar)
  9. Always include colored leaflet of other products & also brief profile of your company along with all orders
  10. Offer COD as nominal additional expense, other wise free shipping on all pre-paid orders above INR Rs300 is current trend, some sellers also allow additional orders before dispatch to be clubbed.

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