Monday, May 27, 2013

10 Important Tips. Better ways how to write descriptions that sell for ecommerce, online selling and Ebay ?

  • First decide what you want to sell
  • Close your eyes & imagine, how this product is going to help the buyer, how buyer will feel & look like when he/she is using the item.
  • Visit few retailers/shops or perhaps distributor/whole seller of the item, interact with them & front-line customer facing sales person as well, learn & take notes whatever you can
  • Scan the website of manufacturer & competitors
  • Go through buyer feedback on various forums
  • Browse sites reviewing and comparing the product
  • Go through all the leaflets, merchandise material
  • Carefully go through outer cartoon, product manual if any
  • While writing description, be imaginative
  • Review the description at least 3-4 time before it is finally uploaded

Above are, most important inputs, which will help to write superior description.

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