Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to write newsletter, email for online campaign to attract Ecommerce, Online Ebay buyers ?

  • Decide what do you want to promote, tell reader about ?
  • Pick top 2 & up-to 5 best products with 5 best images
  • Decide your targeted user profile & segment
  • Think of a attractive tag line/subject line
  • Don't sell, create joy & excitement of ownership of the product
  • Offer quick link to view details & buy/own the product
  • Give reasons to go for the offer ASAP, ex limited, first 100/500, for select few & so on
  • Avoid videos & animations
  • Design small/short mailer, so that it is easily available in display window, people may not like to use cursor
  • Learn basics of HTML, it is fun & easy, believe it, try it
All The best & happy sales conversions !!

Monday, May 27, 2013

10 Important Tips. Better ways how to write descriptions that sell for ecommerce, online selling and Ebay ?

  • First decide what you want to sell
  • Close your eyes & imagine, how this product is going to help the buyer, how buyer will feel & look like when he/she is using the item.
  • Visit few retailers/shops or perhaps distributor/whole seller of the item, interact with them & front-line customer facing sales person as well, learn & take notes whatever you can
  • Scan the website of manufacturer & competitors
  • Go through buyer feedback on various forums
  • Browse sites reviewing and comparing the product
  • Go through all the leaflets, merchandise material
  • Carefully go through outer cartoon, product manual if any
  • While writing description, be imaginative
  • Review the description at least 3-4 time before it is finally uploaded

Above are, most important inputs, which will help to write superior description.

20 ways, How to improve sales and increase profitability on ecommerce, online marketplaces ?

  1. Decide & define "About Us" page(s), get it reviewed by you peers 
  2. Design logo, which is unique & reflects your business concept, get it reviewed by your customer
  3. Research the title of your product, it should be Keyword optimised
  4. Product description should be, well thought of , research Ebay, Amazon & Terapeak
  5. Incorporate foreign language words in title/description (French/Italian/Japanese/German) in case you are targeting international customer.
  6. Understand nuances & difference between, US/UK/Canadian/Australian english & also interpretation & understanding by local/country specific online buyers
  7. Incorporate confidence building measures by clearly stating all terms & conditions
  8. Be explicit about payment methods/terms
  9. Clearly state logistic (courier/shipping) partners & no of days to dispatch & deliver the item
  10. It is advisable to have return policy, clearly mention the conditions under which returns are accepted
  11. Design & implement FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions", take feedback from from buyers
  12. Be prompt to reply to all emails, have internal timelines, when the emails are responded
  13. Automate your shop, about routine task
  14. Automate shop regarding routine Email & SMS (order, payment, dispatch, delivery confirmation, feedback request)
  15. Seek positive feedback
  16. Use product galleries, to cross sell & Up sell
  17. Use smart pricing & auction to list your products
  18. Use smart timing, as to when your products will end
  19. Packaging, multi-layered cocoon packaging shows that seller cares to ensure safe transit & passionate about what he/she is doing
  20. Enclose thank you letter & colored leaflet of other products along with order

How to get more positive feedback ? 9 ways

  • Ask for it, it is your right !!
  • You have given your best, why feel shy to ask for it
  • Don't feel disheartened if you do not get response at first instance
  • Write gentle followup email
  • Include link for positive feedback in all your communications; all your emails. Payment received thank you, product dispatch, request for product received confirmation
  • Mention importance of positive feedback to other buyers & yourself as a seller
  • Do not show desperation or craving for positive feedback, usually 2 reminders are more than sufficient
  • Think of ways to encourage positive feedback, seek email/telephonic feedback (satisfaction about product usage) from buyer, satisfy him/her & then ask for positive feedback
  • Give due importance whatever way you like, positive feedback will come automatically

Saturday, May 25, 2013

17 Tips, Best Practices How to write FAQ? As done by me

FAQ help in quick decison & fast order by online customer, it saves the time,money & efforts of both parties.
This is actual content of FAQ as written by me for my spouse shop, selling primarily jewelry & apparels to Indian & US/UK buyers on Ebay

  • Item details
  • Shipping
  • Combined shipping
  • Payment
  • Returns
  • Other
  • All answers

Q. How can you save time and have informed, happy buyers?
A. Create a Q&A to quickly give buyers the information they need.

Q. Why Buy on Learning Ratnas Lifestyle™?
A. We are earning your trust since past 11(Eleven) years, buyers have recognized & rewarded us with Power Seller Status on Ebay, a designation which reinforces our commitment & responsibility towards community values & buyers.
We have 2 shops on Ebay; www.ebay.in/LearningRatnas™ & www.stores.ebay.in/LearningRatnasLifestyle™

Q. Contact Us: Bangle/Ring Size & Largest Range
A. The common/default size for bangle is 2.6, we also ship 2.4/2.8; (2.2/2.10 availability is selected & may be delayed). Most of the fashion rings are of adjustable size, however Pl mail us your Bangle/Ring size. For Pendant & Chains; size if applicable shall be mentioned in description.

Q. Women Entrepreneur Leading The team
A. The team is led by women entrepreneur Mrs. Simardeep Kaur, at New Delhi. We aim to be Platinum Power Seller on Ebay & ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Q. Branded Shirts: Louis Martin™
A. Louis Martin Men's Casual Shirts is our inhouse production, primarily catering to bulk sale at our outlet/showroom at Karol Bag. All shirts are manufactured at state of the art, 2 plants & Bio Washed to maintain softness of fabric. We can also manufacturer as per your customised design/requirement.
Fabric is sourced from mills at Surat/Ahmedabad. to your location

Q. Combined & International Shipping
F. Most of the orders (India) are having complimentary shipping.We also ship worldwide at nominal additional expense. We use Fedex/UPS/DHL for international shipments. Pls mail us your Country, City/State & Zip Code for exact char

Q. Return
A. Learning Ratnas Lifestyle™ offers you the flexibility to exchange/return jewelry with no questions asked (if done within 2 days of receipt). The jewellery has to be unopened/new/unused/original packaging. Shipping expenses which are included in price as consolidated amount (total value) are not refundable & deducted from the cost.

Q. Return Courier Expense
A. Shipping expenses which are included in price as consolidated amount (total value) are not refundable & deducted from the cost, approximately Rs46/- OR Rs58/- are incurred for single parcel less than 250 gm. Courier expense for returning the item is to be paid by buyer, we may take courier expense for sending the replacement item.

Q. Why we accept Return ?
A. We offer these because we want to make sure the product really makes you happy, and we have an enduring relationship with you as our customer. However, such exchanges will be subject to certain terms and conditions, (all rights reserved).

Q. Quality & Workmanship
A. Every piece is individually hand-made, unique & cannot be exact replica of other. Our jewellery satisfies the most exacting European international standards for raw material, design and quality. All products are lead/harmful chemicals free & made by adult artisans only (no child labor is being used).

Q. Certification for bulk/wholesale orders
A. For Bulk wholesale orders, on demand, we can provide certification of raw material used; gemstones, artificial diamond, Swarovski crystals/diamonds, pearl (natural/cultured); origin of raw material, polish, Gold plating & no child labour being used. For internationally sourced/imported jewellery, we can provide manufacturer details & country of ori

Q. Styling & Design
A. Learning Ratnas Lifestyle™ is well in tune with changing tastes and trends. We keep pace with the trends for everyday and special occasions. This is one of the reasons why you have a wide choice of contemporary, classic and modern designs with our listings on our Ebay Shop, including the latest international designs. You will never make a fashion f

Q. Images & Description
A. We use high quality/resolution Canon Digital Camera. Please note slight variation in image-colour can be there due to limitations of camera lens (it can never replicate human eye). We also help you find the best fit for taste and budget. This makes us your accomplices in shopping, not sellers selling to you. Kindly mail us queries you have.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sell More, 24 Ways to Better Ecommerce Listing, Online Product Description

  1. Please read: 13 Tips to make best use of Scrolling Gallery in eCommerce product listing, better online selling
  2. Please Read: 10 Tips How to take good ebay ecommerce photographs, so that your product sells
  3. Please Read: Top 5 Principles of Effective Logo Design ? Online Entrepreneur
  4. Their is no substitute for self -study & research
  5. View listings of other sellers, top rated sellers & online shopping portals
  6. For Beginners, Basic research; Google, Junglee, Amazon, Ebay.in
  7. For Experts, Advanced research; Terapeak.com, Amazon.com & Ebay.com
  8. Smart Pricing, price your product smartly
  9. Risk taking, start with low auction price
  10. Related keywords in description. You can learn more, by learning about Google Keywords
  11. Product & Shop Category should be aligned: why reinvent the wheel, study Ebay.com & Amazon, let shop & product category be exactly same or similar as leaders do.
  12. Confidence building measures: I will explain in detail in subsequent blogs
  • Incorporate testimonial(s), also called buyer feedback
  • Secure site information,
  • Reputed payment gateway, 
  • Reputed logistics (shipping/courier) partner, 
  • Offer COD (Cash On Delivery)
  • Buyer Guarantee
  • Product Packaging
  • About Us Page
  • FAQ availability
  • Timelines for response
  • How I am reachable/communicable
  • Images Gallery/collage
Be Humble, Truthful, Transparent, Proactive & sell more

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

13 Tips to make best use of Scrolling Gallery in eCommerce product listing, better online selling

  1. Please search Google with the keyword "Scrolling Gallery" & "Design Your Scrolling Gallery"
  2. Scrolling gallery allows you to display multiple products in a small space along with title, price & date/time of end (product listing)
  3. It arouses viewer interest, so that more time is spend on your website, online ecommerce shop. more the time, higher the probability of conversion......and profits
  4. My recommendation is to use 3 different scrolling gallery, different HTML codes & different service providers
  5. First scrolling gallery with best images should be at top, the design can be either single row or 3-D (ellipse)
  6. Second gallery, single row should be in middle or just before payment information
  7. Third one should be at bottom, it can be either 3-D, or square/rectangle with multiple row & column
  8. Please ensure that products are available (sufficient in stock) & not ending soon, when they appear in gallery
  9. IMPORTANT: Gallery products/items can be configured manually/custom, automatic, category
  10. Please ensure color contrast in all aspects, gallery border, product border, view, text & background. 
  11. The product should move in slow transitions so that viewer eyes are not strained
  12. While configuring the 3 galleries, selection criterion of products should be different, first one is like display window, second one to encourage buying, third one to impress that we also do this
  13. Caution: product up-dation in gallery may take time, 6-8 hours, do not worry, relax.

10 Techniques / Strategies to sell more to Online Ecommerce Shoppers

  1. Learn basics of MS Excel commands & expertise in sort & filter.
  2. Learn basics of HTML, it is fairly easy. it is also offered free (Google search)
  3. Maintain database of all email ids & segregate them as per, ......you decide the priority & rules
  4. Design 4-6 email templates, keep on refining for best results.
  5. Cross sell & up sell, also called similar products; use words similar to, you may be interested to buy; recommended for you 
  6. Use 3 scrolling gallery in your listings, at beginning/header, middle & bottom. All designs should be different. Please search on Google with keyword "Scrolling Gallery"
  7. Use main/first image, as photographed on white background & other background images as additional views.
  8. Images are silent sales person, they speak for product, example, Shoe/Slipper on water, on carpet, on colored pebbles, being folded & cross on nose; the meaning is self explanatory. You can also use combination dress (jeans/legging/pajama/salwar)
  9. Always include colored leaflet of other products & also brief profile of your company along with all orders
  10. Offer COD as nominal additional expense, other wise free shipping on all pre-paid orders above INR Rs300 is current trend, some sellers also allow additional orders before dispatch to be clubbed.

Monday, May 20, 2013

10 Must do for Profitable E commerce Online Selling

    1. Have I identified vendors/manufacturer of my product ?
    2. Have I taken @ other micro cost, say transportation, telephone, communication, shrinkage, quality ?
    3. Do I have multiple vendors ?
    4. Have I provisioned for unforeseen expense ?
    5. Can I calculate exact shipping cost, weight & shipping vendor ?
    6. Have I taken @ packaging material cost ?
    7. Have I taken @ listing & payment gateway charges ?
    8. What about inventory carrying Cost ? (refund/replacement/transit damage)
    9. Do I have confidentiality agreement/appointment letter with employee regarding data misappropriation ?
    10. Am I tracking my daily expense, receivables & debtors/creditors ?
    11. Pls read:Sell More, 24 Ways to Better Ecommerce Listing, Online Product Description
    12. Please Read: 13 Tips to make best use of Scrolling Gallery in eCommerce product listing, better online selling

Happy Profitable Online Selling

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Are you ready for Online Ecommerce Business ? 20 Must Milestones to Achieve.

  1. Am I Computer Savvy?
  2. Do I have high speed internet/broadband connection?
  3. Am I found of browsing & researching the web?
  4. Have I ever done online shopping?
  5. Do I have working, reasonable well English communication knowledge?
  6. Do I enjoy to spend at least 2-4 hours a day on computer?
  7. Do I enjoy photography of my product?
  8. Can I think of innovative ideas to represent my product?
  9. Can I describe/write emotions? How users will benefit when they use my product?
  10. Can I pack my product well, so that it withstand courier bumps?
  11. Do I enjoy talking to people on the chat/phone?
  12. Am I a good listener, Can I listen patiently & respond accordingly?
  13. Can I take criticism in a supporting way?
  14. Do I have basic knowledge how to use, Word, Excel & HTML?
  15. Can I coordinate with my vendor/supplier?
  16. Do I enjoy to read & subscribe various books, newsletters related to my business?
  17. Do I love finance figures, am I profit oriented? Profit is a surplus & a common sense.
  18. Am I willing to experiment with new ideas?
  19. For advanced sellers, would I like to attend training, coaching & mentoring to further my prospects?
  20. Last but not the least & Most IMPORTANT....AM I ETHICAL IN MY DEALINGS? 
Happy Selling !!

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