Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why Ebay ? What is Ebay Ecommerce ?

It is all about selling on Ebay as a platform for local, International & glocal buyers.

Ebay allows selling as;

  1. Fixed price listing,
  2. Auction listing
  3. Variant of fixed price as “best offer price” (as determined by seller)

  • Ebay is global trading hub & world's largest online marketplace, having more than 233 million active users & ever growing. Practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything.
  • Founded in 1995, eBay connects a diverse and passionate community of individual buyers and sellers, as well as small businesses. Their collective impact on ecommerce is staggering.
  • EBay Inc. enabled more than 135.16$ billion of commerce volume (ECV) in 2012, representing growth of 18% over 2011.
  • Pay Pal by Ebay (known as Paisa Pay in India) offers payment by virtually all methods. It supports all Credit Cards, Net Banking & host of other cards.
  • Aside Ebay also allow seller to accept cheque, draft, cash, MO & other modes of payment as per seller discretion.
  • Ebay takes care of biggest concern of any ecommerce venture to have assured market of buyers, Payment Gateway, readymade shop/store front, Power Ship (Ebay logistics partner shipping); of course all aspects have to be configured by an expert.

Please keep a watch for more information on how to grow your business

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