Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thank all, My Memoirs-2: Journey to happiness.

....continued from previous blog

During all these challenges & turbulence in my life, I remained optimist that things have to be better.
  • My concept & thought process was on solid foundation, well researched & in tune with future trend.
I registered & launched Eagles Learning, training management company & NGO India Learns, due to, first preference & immense love for my spouse, my all time was focused on helping her to be success.

She also wanted to be success, I am glad she is intelligent, observant & learned all aspects of speaking with strangers/others on phone, operational aspects of vendor finalisation, vendor management, coordination, order procurement and fulfillment within timelines.Writing emails, researching the web, writing descriptions, getting work out of employees & many other aspects.

The decision to suddenly scale down operations, caused her to get into low self esteem, we lost our savings &  future looked bleak to her, I also became upset with her for allowing this situation by being to protective about employees & not getting proper work from them..... I should have kept quiet because it was joint decision.

I networked well & reinforced my faith in God, I continued to sell apparels & jewelry on Ebay, got assignments from Mr Ikbal Singh Rana, Resident representative employment from Eduriser, CEO Solomon Salvis was kind enough. I was also booted by Brig. Sushil Bhasin for outbound experiential learning.

Vison for myself:
  • I have decided, that I will be friend to myself, my spouse, watch more movies with her, have some fun, relax sometimes & restart everything. My spouse will be heading Ebay Shop business.
  • I will re-brand myself as trainer, business development for LDGM, ELearning for Eduriser and outbound business for Empower, Brig Sushil Bhasin
  • I also deeply want to do charitable work though my NGO India Learns.
  • Complete my family, seek blessings & best wishes from all.
End of memoir-2.....thanks to all; critiques, friends, well wishers, seniors, training participants & numerous people.

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