Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Offerings as Ebay Ecommerce Training, Trading Assistant, Shop Creation

We help others to sell/auction, build and establish their brand in; India, Internationally on world's finest, fastest growing E Commerce platform Ebay. We have proven credentials on Ebay.

We would be glad to help you establish your product/brand and sell almost anything online by tapping fast growing online Ecommerce sales at Ebay in; India, US, UK and other international locations.

√ A). Selling of your product on EBay ecommerce platform; including concept development.
√ B). Customized workshop for digital brand building and social media marketing.
√ C). All aspects of Ebay shop
1. Logo design
2. Shop creation
3. Product research
4. Photography
5. Shop configuration 
6. Content (description) writing
7. Category creation
8. Shop integration
9. Power(Ebay) Shipping integration
10. Shop automation
11. Develop FAQ
12. Develop company profile
13. Design leaflet, printouts
14. EBay home page promotion
15. Feedback management, encourage buyers to give positive feedback
16. Best effort for removal of negative feedback
17. Customer care, telephone, email response
18. Guidance for adherence to EBay policies
19. Back end integration for all aspects
20. Optimum use of shop and product promotion tools/charges
21. Staff training and sensitisation for online buyer
22. Team building to embrace ecommerce
23. Profile creation on social media network
24. Digital marketing
25. Email campaign management
26. Cross Selling campaign/automation
27. Product gallery creationand promotion
28. Integration of Ebay tools by international vendors
29. Turbo Lister (EBay listing tool) training
30. Selling Manager Pro (EBay listing tool) training
31. Understanding and interpreting analytics
32. Understanding and interpreting DSR (Detailed Seller Reports)
33. Promotion to various power seller levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium

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