Sunday, March 31, 2013

10 Tips How to take good ebay ecommerce photographs, so that your product sells

10 Tips How to take good ebay ecommerce photographs, so that your product sells

  1. Imagine how do you see, touch & feel when you physically see the actual product.
  2. At least 4 photographs are recommended, 2 for full front & rear view, 2 close up with macro setting.
  3. For large objects, handicraft, art figurines, we recommend min 8 photographs to capture all aspects.
  4. Daylight is the best, economical in fact free souarce of good light.
  5. For small to medium objects, you can also make your own light house enclosure with thermocoal , black paper & white light (3/4 CFL of 10-15 watt each) with round reflector.
  6. In case the product is large, say apparel (Shirt/Jeans/Kurti) etc, we would require higher watt 2/3 CFL of 40/60 watt and walls of room should be white. There is of course no substitute for professional photographic lights. Good quality cost apprx 40-45K each, min 2 lights are required
  7. Automatic camera with macro & super macro setting are recommended for beginners, My personal favourite is Olympus compared to all other brands. For advanced NIKON SLR is good, for expert Canon is recommended.
  8. Do invest in good wall paper designs (to give background effect) and other objects, say coloured pebbles, dried leaves, flowers, fresh green leaves, white & self designed shell (Shankh) & other objects as found in nature.
  9. Have patience, practice & familarise yourself with camera settings, you can easily master mobile, why not camera ?
  10. MS paintbrush & Nero has many auto features to correct image & use crop tool, otherwise learning basics of photoshop is good

Keep a watch for more details, photographic correction via photoshop

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