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10 Tips How to take good ebay ecommerce photographs, so that your product sells

10 Tips How to take good ebay ecommerce photographs, so that your product sells

  1. Imagine how do you see, touch & feel when you physically see the actual product.
  2. At least 4 photographs are recommended, 2 for full front & rear view, 2 close up with macro setting.
  3. For large objects, handicraft, art figurines, we recommend min 8 photographs to capture all aspects.
  4. Daylight is the best, economical in fact free souarce of good light.
  5. For small to medium objects, you can also make your own light house enclosure with thermocoal , black paper & white light (3/4 CFL of 10-15 watt each) with round reflector.
  6. In case the product is large, say apparel (Shirt/Jeans/Kurti) etc, we would require higher watt 2/3 CFL of 40/60 watt and walls of room should be white. There is of course no substitute for professional photographic lights. Good quality cost apprx 40-45K each, min 2 lights are required
  7. Automatic camera with macro & super macro setting are recommended for beginners, My personal favourite is Olympus compared to all other brands. For advanced NIKON SLR is good, for expert Canon is recommended.
  8. Do invest in good wall paper designs (to give background effect) and other objects, say coloured pebbles, dried leaves, flowers, fresh green leaves, white & self designed shell (Shankh) & other objects as found in nature.
  9. Have patience, practice & familarise yourself with camera settings, you can easily master mobile, why not camera ?
  10. MS paintbrush & Nero has many auto features to correct image & use crop tool, otherwise learning basics of photoshop is good

Keep a watch for more details, photographic correction via photoshop

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Top 5 Principles of Effective Logo Design ? Online Entrepreneur

Principles of Effective Logo Design

1. A logo must be simple
A simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile & memorable. Good logos feature something unexpected or unique without being overdrawn.
2. A logo must be memorable
Following closely behind the principle of simplicity, is that of memorability. An effective logo design should be memorable and this is achieved by having a simple, yet, appropriate logo.
3. A logo must be timeless
An effective logo should be timeless – that is, it will stand the test of time. Will the logo still be effective in 10, 20, 50 years?
4. A logo must be versatile
An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. The logo must work in just one colour too.
5. A logo must be appropriate
How you position the logo, should be appropriate for its intended purpose. Logo for NGO, Education, Kids brand, Jewelry, Security are different.... Please do some self research

.............. next, how to think and write a punchline for your logo......keep watching

Top 10 Must Questions, How do I decide what to sell online ? Will my product sell profitably ?

Top 10 Must Questions, How do I decide what to sell online ? Will my product sell profitably ?

  1. Do I love to use computer & have internet connection ?
  2. Can I easily source my product ?
  3. Can it be easily packed, will it withstand rough handling of courier ?
  4. Do I have good quality packaging material (immediate access) ?
  5. Can I describe & write about my product benefits to buyer ?
  6. Am I innovative about photography ? Are images silent sales person ?
  7. Can I give assurance about quality, warranty, guarantee of my product ?
  8. Do I enjoy interacting with prospective buyers to answer their concerns ?
  9. Am I cool headed person, sincerely work to resolve, address post sale issues ?
  10. Am I found of reading, learning, self improvement & flexible to embrace technology ?

Friday, March 29, 2013

10 Reasons What is Slide Share Ecommerce, SlideShareCommerce ?

10 reasons, What is Slide Share Ecommerce, SlideShareCommerce ?
  • SlideShare is the world’s largest content-sharing community for professionals.
  • SlideShare traffic is driven largely by search and social networks. Visitors are mostly conducting research at work, so if you’re using the website and its services as a strategic marketing tool, you can make it a substantial weapon in your lead generation arsenal.
  • Make a Compelling Presentation
  • Design with care
  • Keep it simple
  • Tell a story. Employ classic storytelling practices
  • Employ content marketing best practices
  • Take risks. Don’t shy away from edgy ideas
  • Understand the capabilities of SlideShare
  • Invest in talent and quality.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 8 Trends & Reasons by experts, to sell International Ecommerce trends, Must watch ?

Top 8 Trends & Reasons by experts, to sell International Ecommerce trends, Must watch ?
Retail Ecommerce Trends for 2013 And Beyond | Digital Juggler from Digital Juggler

15 uses What is Mcommerce, MobileCommerce ?

15 uses What is Mcommerce, MobileCommerce ?

Mobile Commerce, or m-Commerce, is about the explosion of applications and services that are becoming accessible from Internet-enabled mobile devices. 

It involves new technologies, services and business models. It is quite different from traditional e-Commerce. Mobile phones impose very different constraints than desktop computers. But they also open the door to a slew of new applications and services. They follow you wherever you go, making it possible to look for a nearby restaurant, stay in touch with colleagues, or pay for items at a store.
  • Products and services available
  • Mobile Money Transfer
  • Mobile ATM
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Mobile vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards
  • Content purchase and delivery
  • Location-based services
  • Information services
  • Mobile banking
  • Mobile brokerage
  • Auctions
  • Mobile browsing
  • Mobile purchase
  • In-application mobile phone payments
  • Mobile marketing and advertising

5 ways What is LinkedIn commerce, Linkedin ecommerce ?

5 ways What is LinkedIn commerce, Linkedin ecommerce ?
Many people think of LinkedIn as a business community, but it can also be helpful for promoting your online store. It can help build your network, conduct research, demonstrate your expertise, and market your products.

LinkedIn For Your Online store
One of the best uses of LinkedIn is as an online profile of your store. Your company can have a LinkedIn profile, similar to Facebook, and a photo to put a face to your brand. In that respect, it's another opportunity to get your store’s information on a popular social network.
To enhance your reputation, LinkedIn allows you to show recommendations from previous customers and colleagues. A good way to get recommendations is by reciprocating, but you can also request recommendations from anyone you’ve done business with.

Networking and Connecting
The key to any social network is the ability to connect with others. LinkedIn connections are the people with whom you have mutually agreed to have a relationship, and you can specify the type of relationship (i.e., colleague, co-worker, friend).
By searching for people you know by name or email address, you can connect with more people on LinkedIn and keep in contact, perhaps also asking for a recommendation. Any time you search or find a new person, LinkedIn will tell you whether you or anyone in your network knows him or her, and how closely connected you are.

Building a Community
You can begin a group on LinkedIn to start discussions, promote events and share information directly with your customers, colleagues and/or suppliers. The key to building a strong community on any social network is to provide useful information, so make sure you balance promotional content with other information. A balance of 20 percent promotion and 80 percent other content is probably safe.
Many organizations also have groups on LinkedIn to expand networks and provide support. Look for, and connect with, groups and other online merchants in your industry.

Research and Expertise
LinkedIn’s Answers section provides opportunities to demonstrate your expertise, build your reputation and conduct market and product research. Simply search for questions in your area of expertise and provide well-worded, thoughtful answers. If it is chosen as the best answer, it will be highlighted on that particular question and on your profile. You can also ask your own questions and search previous answers to research ecommerce strategies and ideas.

Product Promotion
Like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn has a short status update where you can share what you’re doing with your network, including news, special promotions, and product information. Promotion of products should be done sparingly, but providing helpful information and news about your products is OK as long as you give more than you receive. There are also widgets and applications that can display RSS feeds from your site or blog on your profile.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top 4 Reasons What is Pinterestcommerce, Pinterest Ecommerce, Pincommerce ?

Top 4 Reasons What is Pinterestcommerce, Pinterest Ecommerce, Pincommerce ?

  1. Pinterest has been one of the biggest web success stories of past 12 months. Its growing influence on fashion and product oriented web sites is now extending to e-commerce sites. A growing number of e-tailers from eBay to mom-and-pop operations are adopting the grid-like look.
  2. Gone was the old fashioned way of navigating through the wares. Instead, few sites are offering a highly visual, grid-like layout that reminded me of, well, Pinterest. several larger retailers are being influenced by the grid-style design philosophy that has been popularized by San Francisco-based Pinterest.
  3. "Pinterest has found an optimal balance between aspirational browsing and shopping. Social shopping is more about discovery, conversations and relationship building, something that’s apparent in the way Pinterest users interact," said Leo Chen, former Amazon product manager and current co-founder of iPad fashion and shopping app Monogram.
  4. Social shopping is a growing trend that some are hailing as the future of e-commerce, so it seems almost inevitable that startups like ShopInterest would want to leverage on Pinterest's burgeoning success by tapping into this innovative purchasing model.

6 Ways What is Twittercommerce, Twitter ecommerce ?

Twitter is a largely untapped promotional channel for ecommerce merchants.
only 26 percent of retailers include calls to action such as "visit a website" or "purchase a product" in their tweets — In short, Twitter has much potential for ecommerce companies. With that in mind, here are six ideas for how to use Twitter to market your products.

1. Furnish Exclusive Offers and Deals
Provides exclusive offers and inventory announcements on Twitter. The lesson for smaller ecommerce merchants is to establish a Twitter account solely for special offers, discounts and deals. That way you appeal only to those interested.
2. Include Calls to Action in Your Tweets
Regardless of whether you offer products through an exclusive Twitter account, include calls to action in your tweets. If someone is interested in a particular product, he or she would presumably click the link associated with the tweet — assuming one is provided — but that is not always the case. Sometimes, a little prompting is needed.
3. Integrate Twitter Social Sharing Buttons
This a simple and effective way to extend the conversation about your products beyond your website. It costs nothing other than the time it takes to implement.Twitter offers four options: Share, Follow, Hashtag, and Mention. But the first, "Share,” is the one you want. Setting up the button is easy and requires only a couple of minutes. Then, it's a matter of copying and pasting the HTML code into your website.
4. Curate Content
People use Twitter as an information network, not a social one. If you supply content that interests consumers, your tweets will be given the attention they deserve.Unless the Twitter account is designated exclusively for special offers and deals, include any type of content that would attract attention, such as links to interesting blog posts, videos, or Facebook Page updates. And it doesn't always have to be strictly business related. Throw a little fun your followers' way, too, if only to get some extra attention through retweets.
5. Provide Customer Service
19 percent of Twitter users seek customer support each month. It also found that 42 percent want to learn about products and services, 41 percent provide opinions about products and services, and 31 percent ask others for advice about products and services. That means opportunity for the ecommerce merchant who is willing to reach out to these consumers.
Not every customer is going to approach you directly. So it's important to listen to the conversation within social media, using tools designed for that purpose.
6. Pay Using Twitter
Twitter is not only a promotional channel. Users can now directly pay for products there, too. One company, Chirpify, has developed a solution for consumers to purchase product directly through Twitter. Another, Twitpay, has a similar solution that is expected to launch in the next few months.Merchants who register with Chirpify simply tweet a listing accompanied by a product image.

3 Reasons What is Fcommerce, Facebook Commerce, Facebook ecommerce ?

The average Facebook user is connected to 130 Friends and 80 interest groups and makes his or her preferences known through rich profiles and by posting 90 pieces of content per month. Facebook users spend 700 billion minutes per month in an active, relaxed environment where word-of-mouth is built into every turn. The traffic, of course, also matters. Large brands like Coca-Cola are getting about 11% of their unique visits through Facebook Pages.
Selling on or through Facebook now has a name: F-commerce. As with most aspects of social media, it does not yet live up to the potential that many foresee and it has no problem finding both strong advocates and cynical detractors. 
1. Facebook-Facilitated On-Site Selling:
Brands can bring the Facebook experience to their websites, tapping users' connections and interests to support the purchasing process. The simplest examples involve using social plugins— short code snippets that ping Facebook’s network for information about the user visiting the brand's site. The Like Button is the most common plugin and is usually regarded as a content sharing device, but when it is used in conjunction with a product page it can provide peer support by displaying the names and profile images of people who have Liked the product — most appealing for brands is the fact that it also highlights any of the user's Facebook friends who have Liked the product.
2. Facebook-Initiated Selling:
Business accounts can set up a storefront for free on their Facebook Pages, and many thousands have already done so. The vast majority start the shopping process at but then jump to their own ecommerce pages at some point. Lady Gaga’s Facebook store is an example of a store that takes users on a rather abrupt transition. Users can browse products on her Facebook Page, but any click takes them to the product page at, a licensed merchandise marketer and fulfillment service. The Facebook branding is gone, and the look and feel changes completely.
3. Complete Selling through Facebook:

Top 10 Reasons why open ebay shop & partner Ebay, be online Ebay entrepreneur ?

Top 10 Reasons why open ebay shop & partner Ebay, be online Ebay entrepreneur ? 

Shop training and  ebay opportunities

Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to be Ebay Entrepreneur, open online shop on Ebay ?

Top 10 Reasons to be Ebay Entrepreneur, open online shop on Ebay ?
  1. Ebay offers ready access to customers all across the world, it is a global trading platform
  2. Buyers trust Ebay, Ebay is safest and best place to buy, it has toll free helpline to support buyers and sellers alike.
  3. Ebay is a community, it works in the best interest to grow online ecommerce
  4. Ebay offers you control/design panel, which can be easily configured with patience and practice. You can have fully functional shop in a matter of few days
  5. Ebay has a dedicated team which can assist you.
  6. Ebay assures payment to seller within max of 15 days and ASAP to Express Remittance approved sellers
  7. Ebay takes care of  shipping logistics, they have partnered best courier agencies for India and International locations
  8. Ebay is transparent in all their charges
  9. Ebay executives and managers have highest ethics in all their dealings, I am associated with ebay since 6 years
  10. Ebay allows you second source of income & keeps you busy in a fun way, you enjoy it

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thank all, My Memoirs-2: Journey to happiness.

....continued from previous blog

During all these challenges & turbulence in my life, I remained optimist that things have to be better.
  • My concept & thought process was on solid foundation, well researched & in tune with future trend.
I registered & launched Eagles Learning, training management company & NGO India Learns, due to, first preference & immense love for my spouse, my all time was focused on helping her to be success.

She also wanted to be success, I am glad she is intelligent, observant & learned all aspects of speaking with strangers/others on phone, operational aspects of vendor finalisation, vendor management, coordination, order procurement and fulfillment within timelines.Writing emails, researching the web, writing descriptions, getting work out of employees & many other aspects.

The decision to suddenly scale down operations, caused her to get into low self esteem, we lost our savings &  future looked bleak to her, I also became upset with her for allowing this situation by being to protective about employees & not getting proper work from them..... I should have kept quiet because it was joint decision.

I networked well & reinforced my faith in God, I continued to sell apparels & jewelry on Ebay, got assignments from Mr Ikbal Singh Rana, Resident representative employment from Eduriser, CEO Solomon Salvis was kind enough. I was also booted by Brig. Sushil Bhasin for outbound experiential learning.

Vison for myself:
  • I have decided, that I will be friend to myself, my spouse, watch more movies with her, have some fun, relax sometimes & restart everything. My spouse will be heading Ebay Shop business.
  • I will re-brand myself as trainer, business development for LDGM, ELearning for Eduriser and outbound business for Empower, Brig Sushil Bhasin
  • I also deeply want to do charitable work though my NGO India Learns.
  • Complete my family, seek blessings & best wishes from all.
End of memoir-2.....thanks to all; critiques, friends, well wishers, seniors, training participants & numerous people.

Thank You !! My Memoirs 1: Challenges, turbulence in my life & journey so far.

Myself & intelligent girl Simardeep Kaur (Sonia), decided to get married, arranged match & quick decision (within 2 month of first meeting) to get married....not much time before & after marriage to learn more about each other family, background & culture.

We decided in the year, 2008, that we will be entrepreneur, the spark was, we faced challenge to source quality books of our favourite authors, my father (Retd Defence officer) was dealing in imported books of Penguin & DK-Dorling Kindersley.

My first online shopping was from, thereafter me & Neetaji (owner) began networking.

My first passionate venture dedicated to my spouse was, Learning Ratnas, inspired from Neetaji's work. Me & Simardeep passionately worked to open largest online store to help others buy quality books, we were largest shop on Ebay for 2 consecutive years, we partnered all book vendors at Daryaganj & Back end collaboration with our competitors, FlipKart & Infibeam to source imported, rare & hard to find books. We were much sought after seller in Ebay by others to help them, with patience & help from Ebay, we mastered all tools of Ebay, we were champion of Turbo Lister & Selling Manager pro.
However simultaneously many players jumped into books as ecommerce & leading player(s) funded by VC money started selling books lower than procurement cost. Books became experiment and most abused category, it still is. No one earns profit.

Thereafter, we added Intex products, it picked up well, we added apparels & artificial jewelry, this helped us to achieve break-even and get cash positive.Suddenly I lost my job & finances rapidly dwindled.We ultimately out placed all our employees and winded up from commercial premises & started to operate from home at lesser scale in Apparels & Artificial Jewelry only. 

Due to other pressure beyond my control, I had to do away with only employee, much against my spouse wishes. This caused her to get into depression. However with patience, understanding , myself taking care of her and small daughter, we have started again as Ebay Ecommerce consultant to help others set up their shop on Ebay. Myself decided to change myself (inspired by Mars & Venus, John Gray teachings), instead of blaming my spouse, started taking her advise as a consultant for all business decisions...I have stopped assuming about my spouse, that she may like this or not.

We have become good friends & happier days have returned, we have bagged good order, restarted our Ebay Shop & expect other orders in pipeline.

To be continued....... please keep a watch on this blog.

A typical average day on Ebay India, what sells ?

Are you Jobless, Retired, Housewife, Bored in life ? Try something exciting, sell on Ebay

On an average day on eBay India:
  • A mobile accessory sells every 1 minutes .
  • A health or beauty product sells every 1 minute.
  • A mobile handset sells every 2 minutes.
  • A portable storage device sells every 2 minutes.
  • A piece of home or kitchen product sells every 2 minutes.
  • A coin or a note sells every 2 minutes.
  • A piece of jewellery sells every 3 minutes.
  • A piece of apparel sells every 3 minutes .
  • A car or bike accessory sells every 3 minutes.
  • A stamp sells every 4 minutes.
  • A watch sells every 5 minutes.
  • A fitness & sports item sells every 7 minutes.
  • A book or magazine sells every 7 minutes.
  • A toy sells every 10 minutes.
  • A home appliance sells every 10 minutes.
  • A digital camera sells every 12 minutes.
  • A tablet sells every 15 minutes.
  • A pair of footwear sells every 16 minutes.
  • A laptop sells every 23 minutes.
  • A pair of sunglasses sells every 26 minutes.
  • A MP3 player sells every 30 minutes.
  • A TV sells every 34 minutes.
  • A baby care product sells every 35 minutes.
eBay India
  • eBay India (, India’s leading eCommerce marketplace, is a 100% subsidiary of eBay Inc.
  • eBay India has over 4 million registered users. These users come from over 3,311 cities in India.
  • eBay India has over 2.1 million Facebook fans These fans come from over 19 countries.
  • Over 90% of all eBay India shoppers pay via Paisa Pay – a secure online payment gateway enabling credit card, debit cards, net banking, EMI, mobile payments & cash cards.
  • eBay India offers three formats to sell your product or service– auction, fixed-price and classifieds (for commercial vehicles, cars & bikes and services & real estate categories).
  • At any given time, there are over 7 million live listings on eBay India across 2,000 categories of products in Electronics, Lifestyle, Collectibles & Media verticals.
  • Approximately 30,000 sellers sell on eBay India annually.
  • eBay India can be accessed on the mobile web on & via a suite of Mobile Apps for the iPhone, the iPad, the Android, Windows & Nokia.
  • All listings on eBay India offer Paisa Pay - a secure online payment gateway enabling credit card, debit cards and online bank transfers.

Our Offerings as Ebay Ecommerce Training, Trading Assistant, Shop Creation

We help others to sell/auction, build and establish their brand in; India, Internationally on world's finest, fastest growing E Commerce platform Ebay. We have proven credentials on Ebay.

We would be glad to help you establish your product/brand and sell almost anything online by tapping fast growing online Ecommerce sales at Ebay in; India, US, UK and other international locations.

√ A). Selling of your product on EBay ecommerce platform; including concept development.
√ B). Customized workshop for digital brand building and social media marketing.
√ C). All aspects of Ebay shop
1. Logo design
2. Shop creation
3. Product research
4. Photography
5. Shop configuration 
6. Content (description) writing
7. Category creation
8. Shop integration
9. Power(Ebay) Shipping integration
10. Shop automation
11. Develop FAQ
12. Develop company profile
13. Design leaflet, printouts
14. EBay home page promotion
15. Feedback management, encourage buyers to give positive feedback
16. Best effort for removal of negative feedback
17. Customer care, telephone, email response
18. Guidance for adherence to EBay policies
19. Back end integration for all aspects
20. Optimum use of shop and product promotion tools/charges
21. Staff training and sensitisation for online buyer
22. Team building to embrace ecommerce
23. Profile creation on social media network
24. Digital marketing
25. Email campaign management
26. Cross Selling campaign/automation
27. Product gallery creationand promotion
28. Integration of Ebay tools by international vendors
29. Turbo Lister (EBay listing tool) training
30. Selling Manager Pro (EBay listing tool) training
31. Understanding and interpreting analytics
32. Understanding and interpreting DSR (Detailed Seller Reports)
33. Promotion to various power seller levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium

Why Ebay ? What is Ebay Ecommerce ?

It is all about selling on Ebay as a platform for local, International & glocal buyers.

Ebay allows selling as;

  1. Fixed price listing,
  2. Auction listing
  3. Variant of fixed price as “best offer price” (as determined by seller)

  • Ebay is global trading hub & world's largest online marketplace, having more than 233 million active users & ever growing. Practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything.
  • Founded in 1995, eBay connects a diverse and passionate community of individual buyers and sellers, as well as small businesses. Their collective impact on ecommerce is staggering.
  • EBay Inc. enabled more than 135.16$ billion of commerce volume (ECV) in 2012, representing growth of 18% over 2011.
  • Pay Pal by Ebay (known as Paisa Pay in India) offers payment by virtually all methods. It supports all Credit Cards, Net Banking & host of other cards.
  • Aside Ebay also allow seller to accept cheque, draft, cash, MO & other modes of payment as per seller discretion.
  • Ebay takes care of biggest concern of any ecommerce venture to have assured market of buyers, Payment Gateway, readymade shop/store front, Power Ship (Ebay logistics partner shipping); of course all aspects have to be configured by an expert.

Please keep a watch for more information on how to grow your business

Ebay ecommerce open your shop

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