Saturday, August 5, 2017

Adventure in Relations: Signature Workshop@Chandigarh, 9th September

Adventure in Relations : to serve lovingly and live happily

Chandigarh, Saturday, 9th September
Hotel James, sec-17, Time 9.30-5.30

A. Learn with fun, how to communicate with opposite gender & respond appropriately
B. Nurture relations to embrace failures & overcome fear of managing risk/uncertainties of life

Exclusive Limited event, only 26 participants

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

If you are in relation or business

If you are in relation or business, and are able to understand & appreciate the gender-based thought process of your companion, associates, employees & prospects; 

you're going to be happier, more productive

Thursday, September 8, 2016

We also teach, How to manage failures, it's important :)

We also teach, How to manage failures, it's important :)

To fail is natural, the desire to always win & have a upper hand is sure recipe for stress leading to depression.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Captivating gender smart sales professional shoppers stop, Indepth

General Motors, Captivating Gender Smart Professional

Sales training and new product launch done over a period of 2 year at General Motors for Chevrolet via SLS (Strategic Learning Solutions)

Shoppers Stop, Captivating Gender Smart Professional

Detailed induction done for Shoppers stop, Metro Cash & Carry, Decathlon via Chitkara School of Sales & Marketing

Ford, Captivating Gender Smart Professional

Training done for Ford India Limited, Via Ford Training Academy (Sewells Group)

Baba Global, Employee Engagement Workshops

Video of AGM & employee engagement activities done over a period of 1 year at BABA Global Noida along with my Partner Harmeet Singh via Business Alchemist

Godrej Industries, Gender Diversity "Sabhya Samaj" workshop

Gender Diversity inclusion: How to make workplace welcoming place for women done in Hindi Titled "Sabhya Samaj", at Godrej for 400 participants over 2 week

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

True incident: How husband can identify, spouse harassment by another woman at workplace

Caution: may be offensive, however this is true incident

During lunch, colleague mentioned about silly mistakes by his spouse, financial implications and stress there-off. He was concerned about her increased frequency of mistake in counting cash and she being branded careless by others.

I was curious to learn more about his spouse;
  1. She is working at leading MNC bank at front office cash collection seat
  2. Her reporting manager is a woman, same person since last 1 year
  3. She is 4 month pregnant
  4. She had a miscarriage year ago
  5. They are desperate for a child after 4 year of marriage
  6. His parents & spouse does not get along too well
I suggested him to leave office early & go along with his spouse to a park/movie, I also indicated that I suspect something strange at her workplace and I would be keen to learn more about her woman reporting manager. He has to only encourage his spouse to speak and listen, listen, listen about;
  1. Her family
  2. Her relations with her husband
  3. How many kids she has
  4. Whatever information he can get
He revealed he never ever did this, his spouse cried after he listened to her & he hugged her He also felt bad for not listening & giving her attention. 

After I heard all about his spouse manager, I asked him to go on leave for next 3 days & get his spouse transferred to some other location, preferably nearer to his home & new reporting manager should be parent; it's mandatory if he has to ensure safe motherhood. They did it & she became happy mother of a healthy child in due course of time, Now they have two kids.

What was wrong at her first workplace... Caution this may be offensive, however true
  1. Earlier manager, a woman was childless after more than 8 year of marriage
  2. She was having affair with another man
  3. Her Husband also had a affair with another woman
  4. They used to maintain flashy lifestyle, expensive cars, clubbing..etc
  5. Worst, She used to taunt another women for they, expressing their feminine side
  6. She never had lunch with team & if she smiled, it was plastic/artificial one
  7. She used to give inappropriate comments about his expecting spouse morning sickness & she spending excessive time in washroom. She used to make her feel guilty... always.
God Bless everyone !!


True Incident: CEO's Corporate target to reject participants, how I managed adherence & still achieve 100% retention

This is true incident

8 years ago while working with leading telecom company, the company CEO gave me target to reject minimum 20% of participants. He also sarcastically remarked that  I am too friendly & play favorite by passing/certifying all participants. He also quoted statistics by my team members about their rejection ratios. (PS these members were reporting to me).

I was pained by CEO's decision to axe non performers in sales, as identified during training (induction).

The 13 day and 4 day sales induction/training was exhaustive, perhaps best in the industry, competitors often tried to replicate the same.

I could easily identify those who would not be able to with-stand rigor of final certification process. However took HR's recruitment team in confidence & suggested we can save cost & efforts if we decide to give opportunity to those who who do not clear sales certification in other verticals

All people are not made to be in sales profession and psychometric test have only 60% reliability, we should explore offering them option in Customer care, Retention, Back-end, Collection after we give them two chance to perform in sales vertical..... they agreed.

We are first a human being, was always at back of my mind, always wanted to keep people who are starting their career in high positive self esteem, used to refer potential would be failures to their team leader & suggested they should be given exposure in field before we take a final call. Senior sales person was assigned as mentor for 3 week and these participants were given decent hand holding.

Now they were allowed to appear in final certification for sales after their consent. They were given option to delay final certification for upto 30 days, they could always request for change in function anytime during these 30 days. We achieved 100% retention of new joinee in company. 

CEO was happy, because statistics & graphs reflected rejection ratio in sales training and HR was happy to save hiring cost.

PS: I was pained; how cruel & dehumanizing hiring and corporate culture can be, many participants used to come from humble rural background, sometimes selling of their meager assets to start a new life in city. Many used to bribe HR recruiter and often realistic picture as to what sales involved was never given.